Himesh is a legendary composer and singer who has 500+ hits to his credit, but every composer has his share of misses too. The following are his weakest compositional and singing attempts by his very high standards and the following songs don't quite do fair justice to the high benchmark standards set by the musical maestro himself.

Sisak Sisak Ke - Karzzzz

Composition wise

The mukhda is not flattering composition wise and lyrics don't help its cause either.

Himesh's high-pitched intense singing in stanzas and the male cult rap between stanza gaps are the high point and saving grace for this stage song as they are sike giving.

Ek Kalsa - Fool N Final

Composition wise

Uninspiring composition and senseless wierd lol mukhda lyrics, hence hardly any scope for Himesh to glorify this song as a singer but rather croon the mukhda lines EK KALSA DO KALSA TEEN KALSA CHAR...CHAR KALSA PAANCH KALSA CHE KALSA SAAT like in 'kabeela ishtyle' with 'deliberate arrogance'. Hear out da male vocals in TERE LIYE MERE JAZBAAT from SILSILAY for reference of such a forced shouting-aka-singing style.  

This song tries too hard to be cool / cult and throw across a lot of attitude but melody is compromised totally in the process at expense for attempted RnB hip hop rhythm.

Tu Hoor Pari - Khiladi 786

Composition wise

Tu Hoor Pari is Himesh's biggest 'bhaji paw' track

Bhaji Paw means that the track has so many mixed diverse ingredients that nobody knows the name and specialty of the final dish, n in musical terms that the song lacks a definitive graph n it is like 2 or more genres are forcefully mixed together to create fusion which is a bit of an orphan song that falls in no definitive genre.

This is a perfect example of a song whereby 'too many cooks spoil the broth'.

Afsana - Aap Ki Khatir

Singing wise

The song is decent composition wise, but Himesh's mukhda lines AFSANA BANGAYA HOON ME TERE PYAR KA...JAHAAN ME BATAUN DIL BEKARAR KA kinda backfire due to the combo of selected pitch range with lyric pronounciation and are his worst attempt as a singer.

Himesh's remaining lines in this song are fine though.

Saari Saari Raat - Khiladi 786

Singing wise

These lines rank amongst Himesh's weakest singing in a long long time, n somehow this singing style doesn't click

> His mukhda line, SOYE NA HUM (subdued singing).

> Stanza lines PEHLI MULAQAT PEHLI YAAD PAHLI BAARISH KI FARIYAAD (very casual singing) from 2.52 to 3.01 in 1st stanza, TUM HO SAHARA TUM HO WAFA, MERE LABHO KI TUM HO DUA (very casual singing) from 4.15 to 4.22 in 2nd stanza.

Himesh's remaining lines in this song are fine though.

Chichora Piya - Action Jackson

Singing wise

The repetitive high pitched mukhda hook line Chichora Piya is one of HR's worst ever singing in his entire singing career.