Himesh songs in post ABA era that gave maximum initial sensations due to which they had maximum 'initial' repeat hear value were: 

> Naam Hai Tera from Aap Ka Suroor

> Afreen Tera Chehra from Red - The Dark Side

> The mukhda of Tu Hi Rab from Dangerous Ishhq

> Hukkah Bar from Khiladi 786

Jab maine yeh gaane pehli baar suna the, mere roongte khade ho gaaye the.

Roongte Khade Ho gaye = a cold chilly wave sensation passes thru the body which is caused due to the striking melodious prick / pinch, and in other words, Ronte khade ho gaye can also be described as getting goosebumps n in case of males, the body hair (e.g. hair on arms) can stand...lol, but literally...e.g. after just getting out of a cold shower. It also sometimes happens to parrots, but that is when they get scared or frightened, i.e. the parrot Radhe in Big Boss super saturday, sometimes when Salman comes very near to it and touches it, all its fur stands up n it starts shivering, lol.

As in, when these songs appeared first in promos and they were subsequently played in initial repeat hears, they gave a striking / pricking sensation (chubban ka ehsaas), a feeling whereby da body hair stands [fun intended], btw literally!

The criteria used for initial repeat hear value for above songs is based upon 'striking / pinching' melody that gave goosebumps.

Also the repeat value is the 'initial' repeat hear value rather than 'forever lasting' repeat hear value, implying that it is da song's melodious impression 'at first' that may fade away with time [as opposed to some songs that take their own sweet time to come to da party n slowly but surely grow upon da listener with each passing repeat hear].

Aashiq Banaya Aapne Title Trax had a tremendous initial repeat hear value but due to a different reason attributable to da fact that da listener played it countless times to come to terms with da song's musical wavelength, as it had a pleasant surprise element / shock value due to debut of himesh - the singer and an introduction of a new sound in terms of genre, which was least expected googly/doorsa from da simple dhokla boy i.e. himesh - the pre ABA composer.

Talking about Afreen Tera Chehra:

The audio-visuals in above music video from 1.01 to 1.26 strike a chord and just simply blow away da viewer!

Himesh 'literally pours his heart out' in line HAAAAAI (prolonged) AAAI (desperation feel twist) from 1.01 to 1.04 and then delivers da 'kill effect' by reverting back to his full tu sufi rwak antics in line CHAHE JO HOOOOOOO (off da hook full tu prolonged vocals) from , that depict Aftab Shivdasini as an obsessed lover walking in a posessed state towards da love of his life, along with superb situational tailor made lyrics...tera pyaar paana hai, chahe jo ho (i want to attain your love, come what may!). Himesh's line AF - REEN (off da hook fulltu high pitched quick twist) from 1.23 to 1.24 strikes a chord.

Mile Ho Tum Toh:

Another mindblowing tune piece that comes to mind whereby da listeners can visualize da groovy mysterious spooky rugged visuals in Afreen Tera Chehra music video [mukhda part] in their mind is from start to 0.26 in Mile Ho Tum Toh from Dil Diya Hai, whereby bats are flying around in a creepy down town area.