This is the most unheard masterpiece gem and the "unsung hero" song in the pre-ABA era.

If any fans haven't yet heard this song then they haven't heard one of the ultimate best works of Himesh - the pre ABA composer where he is in his trademark elements literally to showcase his typical unique HR melody.

Although the album's name was Nigehbaan - The 3rd Eye, sadly it could not even be noticed by the default two eyes of public.

However, there is a 'caveat emptor' attached to this song in da sense that there is no 'at da edge' stuff with it i.e. there is no borderline stance whereby either a fan will totally konnect with it like crazy hell or will not like it as such.

So there are no two ways about it whereby there is 'aar ya paar' in terms of 'catchy appeal or thanda no appeal', but in saying so it may also be pointed out that there is a serious problem if this song isn't lapped up by a himesh fan coz this song is seriously what Himesh Reshammiya - the pre ABA composer is all about.

In any case, da listener needs to come to terms with wavelength of this song in order to feel and get into its zone.

Therefore it deserves time to prove its mettle as this is one of those songs that gradually grows upon da listener with each passing repeat hear rather than being overlooked if it doesn't make an instant impact or strike a chord in its first impression.

But where is da typical unique HR melody in this song with patented copyrighted signature Himesh stamp?

> From 0.15 to 0.16, 0.20 to 0.21, 0.22 to 0.27, 0.33 to 0.42, 2.36 to 2.47, 2.53 to 2.54, 4.12 to 4.22 & 4.28 to 4.29

Such kind of composition style is very distinctively representative of Himesh and showcases his inborne musical germs which separates his undisputed league above da rest of composers who can never ever dream of composing such notes or matching them in terms of melody.

And what about the trademark household pre ABA elements?

> The feel good guitar riffs (with inherent twists) from 0.34 to 0.38, 2.40 to 2.42 & 4.15 to 4.17

> Soothing female background chorus from 2.28 to 2.36 (subtle feel, terrific), 4.03 to 4.11 (subtle feel, terrific) & 4.43 to end (gradually rising fulltu, history).

I don't support piracy, but at same time I think that this album would not be easily attainable from a musical store but this song desperately needs to reach out to each n every Himesh fan out there so this is an exception out of helplessness to promote it.

Having said this, I don't think and rather doubt that all fans would be having original ACD of this album to enjoy good surround sound and this song doesn't deserve to go unnoticed or being heard in poor low quality in only in computer / laptop speakers (coz type of quality and audio system makes a difference) and therefore here is my tip:

Download these 2 song (duet / male) versions in good quality from (copy paste this URL in a new tab / window) and burn it in a blank recordable CD and pump it up at full blast in your home and/or car audio system woofers to experience the true greatness of this song.