HR 2.0 / HRR

HR 2.0 (Himesh Reshammiya Upgrade) or HRR (Himesh Reshammiya Reloaded), this is my jargon for the new age Himesh in his 2nd innings with the sense, that he took a sabbatical for 1.5 years and came up with 300+ fresh new compositions thus upgrading/reloading his song bank. So I will be using this term in future reviews as it helps to better categorize his music in era's for comparison purposes, since I am da one who had initially come up with the terms pre ABA n post ABA as reflected umpteen times in my past reviews.

Some times a virus needs antibiotics, but in some cases it becomes resistant, more powerful n returns like super bug...relating this to the musical field, HR 2.0 / HRR is that phenomenon.

I have thought n thought n thought really long n hard about this n i give up n fail to understand how a person can have so much oodles n abundance of talent, basically apni toh samajh se bahaar hai. Many composers cannot even complete 100 songs in the film industry but here is a man who has completed 100 films n he still has the goods to deliver in his new albums. HR 2.0 / HRR is a miracle man and a super human when it comes to talent.

Himesh Reshammiya's advice to new upcoming aspiring composers is that 'don't enter the industry until you have 100-200 tunes ready', because it is not about getting the first hit and basking in its glory n limelight in the short term, but being consistent after that and sustaining oneself in the long run, which can only be achieved by having a large stock of tunes in the song bank.

It is due to this very funda n mantra, that HR 2.0 has survived in this industry with a career spanning well over a decade of more than 10 years and still going great guns despite already accomplishing an unmatchable feat of over 100+ albums and 500+ songs, whereas numerous other composers came in, faded away with time with not even half or quarter of time span n songs/albums in comparison and are nowhere to be seen in todays musical scene, whereas HR 2.0's musical legacy continues live on and on.

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