A bigger and wiser man is that who forgives others and overlooks certain things in favor of the overall bigger picture...despite Bhushan chacha not releasing Kajraare properly when Himesh's chips were low as an actor, Himesh reconciled with him when he had visited HR with a blank cheque...and also in this video, he says...Ek cheez joh hamare beech mein judi rahi who hai Emotional Bond, hamaaara pyaar music ke liye aur ek doosre ke liye, ek doosre ke liye joh izzat hai, God bless and all the best...love you Tseries, love you Bushan ji from 1:43 to 1:55...Himesh always keeps mum about his conflicts with others, he never highlights or talks ill about anything...even when Salman was pulling his leg in Saregama show, and also reactions about what Kumar Sanu and Sonu Nigam...he prefers not to comment.