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Great to see Sajid Khan in Himesh's studio. its probably the first time that a director has been alongside Himesh when he is doing an unplugged studio performance. Great to see him to the intro by saying that he walked into Himesh's studio an year ago and now that the songs are being appreciated he thanks the listener audience. He is really jovial with his funky dance steps when Himesh is singing and when the tracks get played. He praises Himesh for being a master composer and thanks audience for making Humshakals one of his biggest musical hit of his entire career and one of Himesh's big albums. 

{tab Part 1}

Caller Tune

The semi plugged beat and piano interlude gives great rhythm. 

Himesh's bindaas adlip PA PA PA PA PA PA is likeable. 

Himesh's line, SONIYE (sooth feel) from 1.03 to 1.04


Himesh's line, NASHAA (well sung) from 1.35 to 1.36

Piya Ke Bazaar Mein

Himesh gets charged up by saying WOOOO at 4.00 as the track gets played. 

Sajid's dance steps mimicking the Harmonium from 4.11 to 4.22 are hilarious. 

Himesh's guitar playing motions are likeable. 

The track sounds great when played in the studio.

Look Into My Eyes

Himesh raises his hands and feels it from 6.21 to 6.29 as the track intro gets played. 

Sajid does his funky DJ dance move and Himesh does his guitar playing motion from 6.40 to 6.42

Himesh sings the mukhda lines with awesome sincere feel vocals from 7.27 to 7.55 

The track sounds great when played in the studio.

{tab Part 2}

Hum Pagal Nahi Hai Hain Bhaiya

Himesh sings the mukhda lines from 0.13 to 0.29 in Happy mood, with emphasis on line HAI (awesome middle octave emphasis) at 0.20, DIMAAG (full on) at 0.27

Its gracious of Sajid to call Himesh as a master composer at 1.02

He also says that Himesh was initially singing this song in practice sessions and was looking for another singer to sing it, but Sajid insisted that the essence of the song was being captured in Himesh's voice and he should stick with it and croon it. Sajid says that Himesh has done a magical [praises Himesh - the singer] and mad version, and that in his entire career of more than 1000 songs [promoting Himesh as Himesh always likes to say in all interviews that 'after doing 115 films and more than 1000 songs...] nobody has heard him in the 'Totla' avatar towards the song's end. 

Himesh also mentions how the inspiration came from the legend Kishore Da's singing style, and also sings that Kishore Da song. 

Himesh's line, JOH PATI KI (awesome halke se twist) from 2.02 to 2.04

Khol De Dil Ki Khidki

Sajid says that this is most unique song that you will see, with definitely a new visual...and he is quite right because the actors are wooing and shaking a leg with their own female avatars. He says that its a fun loving happy song and Mika did complete justice to it..and again he is quite right.

Its amazing that Himesh did not laugh when the funny theme piece instrumental plays from 5.12 to 5.15

Himesh's mukhda lines  from 6.14 to 6.23 are very likeable.

Himesh sings the mukhda lines, Khol De Dil Ki Khidki at start to 0.14 and from 6.24 onwards with off-da-hook vocals and Himesh says 'Joh maza aur Wazaan hai' woh is line mein hai [with awesome heartfelt gesture of impact melody] from 6.30 to 6.35, with emphasis on his line KHIDKI (off-da-hook quick profound twist) at 6.25 & 6.33 

Himesh enjoys himself and shakes his neck while singing the line DOOR DOOR DOOR DOOR casual rhythm adlip TANA TAN TAN from 6.36 to 6.40 

Himesh says, yeh gaana dekh ke gir jaayenge aap...and he is right as the song music video is quite hilarious.

Barbaat Raat

Sajid says that audience relishes night songs in his past films and so they continued this trend with this song.

He says that 'it is such a cool melody' and he is right, and says 'that by default it is the most fav audio song of the album'...and again he is right as this song is best song of album [along with Hum Pagal Nahi Hain Bhaiya - TIE]. 

Himesh's vocal theme piece OO OO OOO from 7.19 to 7.23 is sung with off-da-hook vocals. 

Sajid says that listener's will recognize Himesh's voice in the middle, and he is dead right in saying that it is 'inimitable Himesh Reshammiya'.

Sajid joins Himesh from 8.04 onwards, and they both feel it on Himesh's croons from 8.09 to 8.27  as the track gets played. 

{tab Conclusion}

Not just an unplugged performance, but informative insight and promotional prop

This unplugged performance was not only about the performance, but also had an insight on how the director and music director collaborated, in terms of the director having certain requirements and how the composer innovated it and gave in his creative inputs to make a final product. Also, when the songs were recorded and which one was first / last i.e. in which order. How they agreed for Caller Tune to be the promotional prop and for 20 - 30 old age bracket, and that Sajid wanted a song for All India, the interiors and masses with 25 to above age bracket (Piya Ka Bazaar Mein) which was recoded just two weeks before the song's shoot, and Himesh suggested that they should have a song for 14-20 gen (Just Look Into My Eyes), how Sajid gave him the tag line Hum Pagal Nahi Hai Bhaiya and they wanted a fun mad cap peppy song (Khol De Dil Ki Khidki). 

Himesh's performance

1. Khol De Dil Ki Khidki - was his best performance with off-da-hook singing. It was great to hear Himesh's version of this song.

2. Himesh's croon OO OO OOO in Barbaad Raat and his version of Just Look Into My Eyes sung with awesome sincere feel vocals.


It was a happy-go-lucky performance where Himesh and Sajid enjoyed collaborating in each other's company. They showed how a composer and director can work in harmony and come up with tracks in an album that suits the film's genre and requirements.

One of the key aspects of the album is also how they roped in the perfect singers for the songs to do justice to them and would sound more effective in their voices i.e. Neeraj Shreedhar for Caller Tune, Sanam Puri for Barbaat Raat, Ash King for Just Look Into My Eyes, Mika Singh for Khol De Dil Ki Khidki and Himesh himself for Hum Pagal Nahi Hain Bhaiya.