At times, Himesh has used underlying rwakin beats giving a feel of a LIVEWIRE CURRENT flowing through n in between da hit pattern, just like an unearthed exposed circuit wire capable of giving an electric shock [to which there should touching no touching...choona na choona order to avoid a 440 volts ka jhatka - fun intended]:

> Underlying rwakin calpyso beat (which is in full form from 0.15 onwards after da starting build up) of LAGI CHUTTE NA from ROCK - THE REBEL. 

The music video does full justice to da beat (and overall orchestration) and the backdrop is an energetic vibrant affair with a good dose adrenaline nitrate i.e. the fluctuating X's in da backdrop behind Zayed Khan's stage show performance.

> Underlying rwakin high voltage live wire beat in HUKKAH BAR from KHILADI 786 - this is the most rwakin high voltage live wire elektronic beat in a Himesh song.

> Underlying rwakin calypso beat of MERI AAWARGEE from GOOD BOY BAD BOY.

> Underlying rwakin beat of AARZOO from MR FRAUD.

> Underlying vibrant beat along with lively guitar riffs in MOHABBAT KI from AKSAR.

> Underlying electro beats in DIL LAGAAYENGE from SHAKA LAKA BOOM BOOM.

> Underlying vibrant live wire REMIX beats that kick in from 0.25 onwards in AABRA KA DAABRA - INSTRUMENTAL from AABRA KA DAABRA.