Himesh says cutely ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR from 4.35 to 4.37 & 12.08 to 12.11

Saari Saari Raat

Himesh sings SAARI SAARI RAAT at a slower tempo which sounds catchier than the fast paced tempo. In fact, this portion could have been used at the start of song in OST version as a build up portion, but the only hitch could be that it could have extended the already lengthy time of the OST version.

In this unplugged performance, he sings full on jahaan par awaaz khul ke bahar aati hai as opposed to his subdued vocals with restraint in the OST version.

Himesh’s line, ME MANGU (OFF-DA-HOOK catchy) from 2.19 to 2.20, DUAWAAN (OFF-DA-HOOK full tu high pitch) from 2.21 to 2.22

Himesh’s line, SAARI SAARI RAAT from 2.27 to 2.29, 2.34 to 2.36 & 2.46 to 2.48 is catchier than his same lines in the OST version.

Himesh goes fulltu with his line, JOH TENU DEKHIYA from 13.05 to 13.08 with all his might, whereby the effort in his singing can be seen in line HUMMM from 13.10 to 13.11

As far as the OST is concerned, what works in terms of its orchestration is the contemporary new age beat with intermittent skip effect that enhances the fast tempo of singing and continuously fluctuating funky horn piece that gives terrific scale.


Himesh is in full on josh as he croons HA HA from 4.40 to 4.45 & 5.27 to 5.29

The 90s style band baaja baaraat tune from 4.44 to 4.58 & 5.23 to 5.35 is quite catchy.     

Himesh’s line, YEH AGGAN MITAANE VE-EEEEEEE (terrific catchy with prolonged dying vocal effect) from 5.17 to 5.23

Himesh’s line, FIRE BRIGADE MANGWAADE TU (OFF-DA-HOOK catchy) from 5.37 to 5.42

Himesh’s line, BALMA-AA-AA-AA-AA (terrific fulltu high pitched 4 step twist) from 5.58 to 5.59 & 6.53 to 6.54

Himesh is in bindaas mode in his lines, BALMA (bindaas fulltu high pitch) from 6.41 to 6.45

Terrific catchy orchestration in the stanza from 6.12 to 6.27, especially the 2 keys at 6.15

Long Drive

Himesh’s line, MEEEE (terrific twist) from 7.52 to 7.54 & 7.55 to 7.57

Khiladi Bhaiya

Himesh sings with innocent feel vocals from 11.38 to 12.01

OFF-DA-HOOK heavy beat pattern that spins in repetitive loop from 12.04 to 12.07 & 12.12 onwards which is one of Himesh’s best ever beat patterns used.

OFF-DA-HOOK hook bazz trumpet from 12.39 to 12.40, 12.45 to 12.46 & 12.50 to 12.52 gives JAZBA.