There before, what used to happen is that...when any actor used to lip sing to Himesh's voice, it used to feel good...but at that time he was only a singer...but since he turned an actor, another actor lip singing to his voice feels even greater, because of the thought that another actor is lip singing to Himesh - the actor's voice, who was once only a composer n singer i.e. now a bollywood actor is lip singing to the voice of another bollywood actor who was once only a bollywood composer n singer.

There before, what used to happen is that, when any actor used to lip sing to Himesh's voice, it used to feel good. But at that time he was only a singer, and since he turned an actor, another actor lip singing to his voice feels even greater, because of the thought that another actor is lip singing to Himesh - the actor's voice, who was once only a composer n singer i.e. now a bollywood actor is lip singing to the voice of another bollywood actor who was once only a bollywood composer n singer.

After being contantly persuaded by his childhood friend Prashant Chaddha, Himesh finally decided to mark his entry into acting field.

Aap Ka Suroor - The Moviee was hit for 3 main reasons:

> Aam Junta wanted to see if Himesh bhai could act.

> The back to back music videos with a saddistic touch whereby the girl always leaves him in da end along with the mystery of da cap, generated a lot of curiosity value and when the film was marketed as his 'real' love story then people were inclined to watch in order to put all speculations to end and get all their questions answered.

> Himesh bhai was all over the music charts and channels, and as they say 'jo dikhta hai woh hi bikta hai'.

The film as an overall product / package had mass appeal, chartbusting music, glam quotient in form of Mallika Sherawat and it rolled along at a feverish pace.

Hence, Himesh enjoyed and tasted success in his very first film as a debut actor.

When Himesh released his debut film AKS - The Moviee, 2 films released alongside i.e. Apne which was a hit n Awaarapan which flopped. Bhatt camp later revealed that they took Himesh n his popularity rather lightly. When Himesh's 2nd film released, it was a solo release as no film maker had the guts to risk a clash, such was the euphoria. Unfortunately Karzzzz could not capitalize.

As they say, hot cakes always sell fast, and so came the flurry of offers most notably amongst which was the 3 film deal with his financial backbone and biggest music promoter T-Series.

Along with it came his 'policy decision' that he would like to reserve his USP (music) for his own films and give its exclusivity to his producers. Fair enough, it was kinda justified!

The first movie in da pipeline happened to be Karzzzz, whereby the directorial helms were in hands of Satish Kaushik with whom Himesh had given some of his best music, most notably Tere Naam.

However, Karzzzz was a doomed project from its very outset even before they signed on da dotted lines. The fact that Subhash Ghai declined to remake and touch his yesteryear klassik should have been an indirect signal not to proceed with da project. In any case, an actor no matter how good, should never ever attempt a classic early on in his career as expectations are bound to rise/soar and the mammoth comparisons are inevitable. Somewhere down da lines with this move, over confidence played a part here.

Karzzzz as a total overall product was flawed because:

> There was a lack of known support cast which were rather 'kahan gaye woh thakele', barring Kabir Chacha (Danny) and Asrani, hence apart from stepping in and filling in da space of big boots, all da burden of weight was put on Himesh's shoulders, who despite being a musical veteran was a newcomer in acting terms.

> Predictable deja-vu storyline.

> Erratic screenplay, South Africa ke desert mein kahan se koi Mata ka mandir milega ?!

Talking about its Box Office collections, Karzzzz actually managed to draw in da audience to some extent (it did way better business than Radio). But the release strategy was wrong as it got massive screen count which resulted in half / mixed audiences in various theatres and hence the distributor share fell. Had it released in limited screens then all audience would have been combined in those theatres which would have reflected a better occupancy rate.

However, the main reason is that those people who went to watch it were seriously let down and the reports were negative. This removed the public faith and confidence, along with doing some serious damage to market value of Himesh - the actor. Also, Himesh bhai was 'parde ke peeche' all this while and as they say 'out of sight, out of mind' which didn't help the public cause.

In essence, it was Karzzzz that was da main culprit that put brakes in his acting career. This is because a waiting game started between makers to see if his market value comes back and his next big budget film Kajraare kept on getting delayed / postponed indefinitely.

In an attempt to restore his market value, next in da offering was Radio while Kajraare was kept waiting in da backburner.

However, while the budget of the film was right i.e. small, the target segment audience went wrong i.e. Multiplex going junta (the so-called class), yet it was known fact that AKS - The Moviee was a super-hit in interiors (and so his strengths should have been ideally cashed upon). Also its chapter based story-telling mode was an iffy 50-50 one, which would appeal to some but not to others.

So when Radio disappeared with a trace of a bullet, pressure was again right back on Kajraare.

Sadly for Kajraare, it was da 'scapegoat (bali ka bakra)' that only suffered coz of its timing and manner of release (only in 1 theatre).

Kajraare in terms of an overall package was a decent watch, and it shaped up well as an overall product (better than da other two films after AKS - The Moviee) despite all the hiccups in shooting schedules. Its USP was that it had an 'underlying soul'.

As a matter of fact, had Kajraare been released at same time i.e. instead of Karzzzz and enjoyed same release priviledges, it could have da potential to do way much better and Himesh's market value as an actor couldn't have plumetted / declined to this extent and infact he may have scored 2 out of 2.

Now, in an attempt to resurrect his acting career, Himesh has taken over Damadamm to ensure that it doesn't suffer da same fate as Kajraare in terms of its release. This time round, he is leaving 'no stone unturned' and also doing full on promotions.

Having said that, comedy is indeed a serious business, and it is hoped that Himesh gets his comic timing right and doesn't go over board / over da top in an attempt to try and make da audience break up into laughter, but rather stays his natural self.

It is hoped that Damadamm would get good rating by critics along with a good movie review which should be an incentive for da aam junta to go watch it in its opening shows.

Damdamm is around 12 crore film, out of which nearly half could be recovered by music and satellite rights. But it is extremely critical for it to run theatrically if Himesh is to continue his acting career in Bollywood. In a way, this is a 'do or die film' for him as if it clicks, then he could be back on track and offered more acting assignments in da future.

Considering its opponent, if it embarks on a 50 - 65% opening along with good feedback reports and a positive word of mouth, then that should help da film sustain itself for over da weekend and da coming subscequent week, which would be decent as it would recover its initial overlay costs. As a matter of fact, even if this film turns out to be an 'average' it would do a world of good for his career. This is said in light of da dismal BO collection trend of his last 2 films, and so a hefty jump and turnaround is required. It wasn't a good move to release this film as a 'solo' release, so while this film is being pitched alongside a juggernaut, it also comes in a festive season whereby audience flock da theaters in hordes. So while it is a 'high stakes' in terms of gamble, it could pay off handsomely if da ploy 'clicks'. So Himesh fans, please head to da theaters and turn your rwakstar into an acting superstar, rather than a 'one hit miracle wonder'.

The success of Damadamm could immensely benefit his stuck film A Love Ishtory, which is 90% complete could see da ray of sunlight after been kept trapped under a long dark tunnel. Also, da way to go forward for Himesh bhai is to do multi starrer films with other A list actors in 'character based' films whereby he makes one of those characters his very own and which can be identified / connects with public i.e. on da lines of characters in comedy sequel series like Dhamaal, Golmaal, Dhoom etc. This move could be initiated by HR Musik that are working some scripts and there are already rumors afloat that big stars are being approached and series of discussions / meetings are going on. Therefore if Damadamm clicks, then these actors could be inclined to come on board rather than having their reservations otherwise as they may not want to risk their acting credentials in terms of market value.

Himesh won unanimous rave reviews for his performance in Damadamm, most critics gave it a thumbs up, and whosoever saw the film in theaters gave positive feedback reports in terms of being a decent watch in terms of its overall content quality as a total package. Since it was a small / low budget film, it was able to make profits courtesy due to music / satellite distribution rights and theatrical collections. Also, the film will make its TV premiere on Colors Tv and this allows for a lot of audience reach and so it would let them witness for themselves that Damadamm was a decent watch and had overall quality content as a total package. Plus, the revenue earned from sale of TV satellite rights would only add to the final BO tally and go in favor of the makers.

The next level for Himesh - the actor would be his debut international acting project named A * Is Killed which is releasing on MJ's deah anniversary. In terms of bollywood, he still has ambitious plans and will co-act along side Akshay Kumar in Khiladi 786 that is slated for next Diwali release, and co-procuced by Akki's Hari Om Entertainment and giants Eros Intermational. Also, in an era whereby even A league actors starring as solo heros sometimes find it hard to pull in the audiences or feel that it is a big gamble in terms of high stakes attached to their films in commercial / financial terms, a preference is to go enroute multistarrers and share the expectations load and hedge / spread the risk. Having said that, guadually as Himesh starts appearing alongside many other reknowned actors in his forthcoming assignments, his reputation and credentials would grow swolid by da day.

So in a nutshell, his acting career is well and truly on track and he is waiting for the oppurtunity to strike gold in the near future with his upcoming projects. He is not the one to give up so easily and hell bent to chase, pursue and achieve his dreams at all cost come whatever may...chahe joh ho!

If we talk about Himesh's graph as an actor, it has grown upwards with improved performances. As a matter of fact, he can act better than certain actors in da industry e.g. Zayed Khan etc.

In terms of Performances, his best are in:

1. Kajraare / Damadamm / Khiladi 786

2. AKS - The Moviee

3. Radio

4. Karzzzz

From all Himesh films as an actor thus far, Kajraare is the closest to my heart and most favorite.

Some of his best parts as an actor are:

> In AKS - The Moviee, when the little girl says 'mere dil me ched hai' and his reply to her along with bunch of flowers.

> In Kajraare, before the song Tujhe Dekh Ke Armaan Jaage, when Rajeev and Nargis have their conversation at night outside her kotha, those interaction of dialogues send a chill down da spine.

He has also used facial expressions to great cause:

> In Kajraare song Tujhe Dekh Ke Armaan Jaage, his facial expression when Nargis likes a dress but after seeing its price she backs away, and the 'desperation plea' look on Himesh bhai's face, that depicts that he would sell of his entire world to ensure that she wears that dress.

> In Kajraare song Sanu Guzra Zamana., his desperation plea facial expression out of bebasi when he approaches Gulshan Grover and he realises that he is helpless, after Gulshan does an 'aankhon hi aankhon me ishara' to restrain.

> In Samjho Na music video, especially in between 1st stanza gap when dhua sa uth raha hai and girl comes towards him and from 2nd stanza onwards when Himesh arrives in his lover's wedding and his scenes with her dad.

3 Best Dialogues of Himesh - The Actor

> In AKS - The Moviee - when Himesh gives the flowers to girl with hole in her heart...n says dialogue 'dil mein jagah badi honi chahiye'...just heartwarming!

> in The Xpose - to Bobby Chadda...rasi hai, fan se latka ke latu bana dunga...just hilarious!

> in Kajraare - the dialoguebaazi in between Rajeev n Nargis outside her residence [n just before the song Tujhe Dekh Ke Armaan Jaage]...just spine chilling!

Way Forward

Real growth of Himesh as an actor will be when he will start getting outside offers by big banners n big YRF, Rohit Shetty, Anees Bazmee etc. That will mark real acceptance of Himesh the actor in the industry. Therefore, to reach to that point, he has to keep on acting in his own home productions / co-productions n keep on winning critical acclaim as an actor to keep establishing himself in this field and being noticed by one n all due to his performances.

Taking Selfies

Himesh is a star who very well knows that his countless fans will come in hordes and queues to buy the tickets and attend his shows, but yet he takes personal selfies with his fans for free...superstar ho toh aisa.


This so called fitness expert discourages the route Himesh has taken. He says that to attain such a body, one has to stop eating and start starving, along with a lot of sustained cardio and high protein diet. But one very important thing he says is that every person should tone down and get a physique according to his frame and that Himesh was misguided. Himesh was in transition period in Khiladi 786 where he looked the most cute and adorable, but from The Xpose onwards be became too lean, his waistline is too thin and the way he stands inwards with a slight deliberate hunch back. People haven't fully accepted him in this look yet, it will take time.

Weight Loss

Himesh has really experimented with his look, hair and overall get up over the years. He started losing weight from AKS - The Moviee onwards, and the results were seen in Karzzz and Kajraare where he reduced weight but at the same time looked healthy. Then he gained considerable amount of weight until Khiladi 786 released. Then he again went on weight loss journey and lost weight for The Xpose. But after that he took it to the extreme by becoming extremely lean and thin for Teraa Surroor 2. He has maintained that super lean look for his upcoming movie Heeriye.

These days people are making comments about his look and personality, starting from his hair, his physique, and his overall weight loss. It appears as if aam junta haven't really got used to his new look, as if they are still wondering about the weight loss transformation due to which they are categorizing him as being a totally different personality these days as compared to earlier look, and it will take time for them to accept this new look.


It is very important for Himesh to be accepted a hero, because these days his songs don't have the same impact as doing good movie, it will elevate his status...Salman bhai is godsend, warna difference between Himesh and Anu Malik is that both are judging reality shows (Indian Idol and Saregamapa Lil Champs) but Anu has no music projects, whereas Himesh will start The Xpose sequel as Hero and most likely score for Salman Khan-Remo's next, so Himesh has projects as Hero and Composer, whereas Anu Malik doesn't have many music projects because he doesn't have a mentor like Salman Khan to hand him a big project when the chips are Himesh needs to build on this and hopefully sign 3-4 big banner films in addition when the going gets good again...Himesh needs to avoid Farhan Akthar route and needs to avoid bad script that can roadblock and stall his acting career.

After all this, now Himesh must succeed as an actor...ab Ayushmann Khurana (Bindu) aur Farhan Akhtar (Rock On 2) jaisa haal afford nahi kar sakte, nahi worst case scenario, bhaijaan mentor Salman Khan ki film hai unko save karne ke liye as he is giving the music score for one of his upcoming films. Most likely Himesh is giving music for Salman and Remo's next dance based film, because few months back Himesh said that he has composed a Holi song for 'Bhai' and there were also eariler reports that Salman had recommended Himesh to Remo and he had given the nod. Reports further suggest that filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala green-lit Himesh’s name for Kick’s sequel after Salman suggested his name.