Movie Review Analysis of Khiladi 786

Himesh's act

The comic timing in Himesh's body language and facial expressions can be seen in 2 scenes in Khiladi 786:

> when he visits Bahattar's house for the first time for the marriage proposal...when Raj Babbar introduces the family and he utters the bichda hua bhai 73's name, the African grand mother yells from behind...and the way Himesh looks around at the roof.

> when Ghuggi Singh checks the contents of truck tells Bahattar at Punjab border, 'isme toh ghadiyaan (watches) hain', there is nobody in the frame...and suddenly Himesh appears from the right, looks to proceed ahead and puts forward his hand...and says 'papa', and Mohan Joshi replies 'shoorveer banne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai, mahabali aa gaya hai'.

Great Dialogue:

> The way he says, TU FIKAR MAT KAR ME SAB SET KAR DUNGA, PACHI BAAT KARU CHU in the intro scene of the film is hilarious.

Mansukh uses Jeevan

Mansukh always uses his assistant Jeevan and makes him the scapegoat in tricky situations:

> when TTT (Mithun Da) is explaning the full meaning of his name...he interrupts n says...sir, Jeevan pooch raha hai ke Tukaram ne kya diya?

> when Mansukh n Jeevan meet Tatya for the first time...Mansukh tells Jeevan "jab bade baat karte hain, toh beech mein nahi bola karte hain" ...and then says sorry sir yeh sirf 10th pada hain na, toh manners thode se kam hain...and Tatya looks surprised, and Mansukh says 'London Muncipality mein nahi, Punjab Muncipality mein'.

> when Tatya is upset upon knowing that Bahattar's family are policewaala's n Mansukh tries to convince...and in the end he says "pehle Jeevan koh maar, phir mujhe".

Waah Mansukh bhai, kya ishtyle hai.

Tatya Tukaram Tendulkar

There is a funny scene in Khiladi 786, when Bahattar Singh and family arrive for the first time in Tatya Tukaram's (Mithun Da) house...he is standing on the stairs and adjusts his trousers Tendulkar style...and then while getting down the staircase, he loses his balance, trips and wobbles slightly before regaining his balance n getting down.

Mithun Da's mustache in Khiladi 786 is cute. His dialogue 'Tatya ne taaqat di aur Tendulkar ne shaurat' aur Tukaram ne kya diya? 'janam diya, aur kya diya be' is funny.

Mithun Da in Khiladi 786 - Tatya Tukaram Tendulkar (TTT) proudly says with confidence 'Tatya ne taaqat di aur Tendulkar ne shaurat', Mansukh's (Himesh) friend Jeevan asks 'aur Tukaram ne kya diya? Mithun Da replies with an unimpressed frown 'janam diya, aur kya diya be'

Himesh was always a fan of Mithun Da's dance, because he said at that time he knew mainly only his particular trademark step, and he also used it as a spoof in his debut flick AKS - The Moviee. Now it was good to see both Himesh n Mithun Da share the screen space together in Khiladi 786 as Himesh was also a part of casting decisions, and he would welcomed Mithun Da on board with open arms.

Sanjay Mishra / Jeevan

Two of his most hilarious scenes are:

> outside his coffin shop, when he is looking in the mirror and tells Mansukh 'aaj savere ek budiya aayi thi aur keh rahi thi ke me Amol Palekar ki tarah dikhta hu, kya me waqae aisa dikhta hu?'

> when they go to Bahattar Singh's house for the first time, and when he yells funnily after seeing and holding the rifle that was put over his shoulders by the African grandmother,

71 Singh /  Mukesh Rishi

Mukesh Rishi, enacted the part of the Afro guy 71 Singh superbly...his best lines in Khiladi 786 are when he explains his African grand mother with his dialogue...

BEBE...YEH KYA KAR RAHE HO? 73 KOH NAHI LE KA GAYE THE...YEH ACHE LOG HAIN, HAMARI TARAH...RISHTA LE KAR AAYE HAIN BAHATTRE KA, MUMBAI SE...n then starts dancing with her and she goes back dancing n singing in the room with her bandook

the way he says YEH ACHE LOG HAIN...and...RISHTA LE KAR with his eyes wide open and with emphasis dialogue delivery, just drives the viewer berserk and gives sike...this is some full on comedy.

Azad / Indu's boyfriend

The most funny scene of Azad is when he slaps the prime minister and the manner in which he falls to the ground. The news media show this repeat telecast over and over again which is hilarious.

Bhagat (of Mili Bhagat duo)

Bhagat who enacts a handicapped person on wheelchair is quite funny in the scene when Bahattar Singh's family arrive in Tatya's house, and the way Tatya introduces him to the whole family, after which Bhagat touches Tatya's feet in a funny way and say maalik bhaut ache hain aur mere liye kya kuch nahi kiya.

Near the end, when he starts walking and arrives in the members of 72 Singh look in amazement n say 'yeh toh aphahij tha na?' is hilarious.

African Grandmother

She is hilarious in 2 scenes:

> when she puts the rifle on Jeevan's shoulder and says 'SAALE JHOOT BOLTA HAI'

> in the end, when she hugs 73 Singh and cries funnily

Terrific actor played Truck Driver

There is a terrific actor who played a cameo of a truck driver in Khiladi 786, in the scene where Mansukh n Champaklal meet Bahattar for the first time at the Punjab border...he says in a funny manner to all people at the dhaba / food joint...khade kyun ho, aao baitho aur enjoy karo...n he is in a bindaas jovial mood and doing full on masti n says 'oh Pappi cheeti glass leya, botal kholni hai mood banana hai yaar' n suddenly gets slapped by Bahattar Singh out of nowhere, n then later he puts his arms around Champaklal with gun pointing towards him n then Mansukh cries but is told 'abhi me mara nahi hu'.

Don't know the name of this actor, but so happy that he was casted by HR Musik n hope that he is given more roles in future HR Musik productions...this actor was also there in the movie 4084 Chaalis Chauraasi and Dabangg 2.

Bahattar Singh slapping Truck Driver scene from Khiladi 786

pyar se dar nahi lagta sir, lekin thappad se lagta hai...toh phir kanpati pe itni zor se kheech ke diya kyun


He says "oh Pappi yaar jaldi se glass leya, botal kholni hai mood banana hai yaar" n smack gets slapped by 72 Singh.

It is one of the funniest scenes in the film, coz he gets slapped suddenly out of nowhere...n camera only shows close up of his cheek n the tight slap...n first he is laughing n in bindaas mood, but after the slap he starts crying funnily. It is a known fact that this is all naatak baazi on da big canvas, but it is still amazing when someone (i.e. an actor, supporting actor or comedian) cries funnily on screen, it can make somebody else (i.e. the viewers) crack up into laughter :D

N.B. = For those who haven't seen 4074 Chaalis Chauraasi should see that film for his acting, especially the scene when Nasrudeen Shah n co pose as fake cops n knock on the fake note business premises. He stands on the door n pushes Nasrudeen Shah n says "bas kijiye jinaab, baaki ki formality baad mein bhijwadenge". He was also there in the beginning fight scene of Dabangg 2.

Funny Scenes

Cowshed Scene

After Bahattar makes his grand ‘Khiladi’ entry in the cowshed, and he bashes up the goons, Rakesh Khattar asks him ‘in bhainson ka kya karna hai?' and 72 Singh replies 'gaon waalon mein banth do' n gets reply 'ek bhains 20,000 ki hai' and 72 Singh says 'oh koi gal nahi, gaon waale doodh nikalke humko duao mein yaad rakhenge'.

Between Mansukh and Tatya Tukaram Tendulkar

There is a hilarious scene in Khiladi 786, when Mansukh goes back to Tatya Tukaram to update him on the rishta, whereby he mentions that Bahattar and his khandaan are policewaalas...and then Mithun gets upset with Himesh, and then Himesh tries to convince him and says...

'kya sir, yeh galat baat hai...shareef hona chahiye tha yeh bola tha, lekin police wala nahi hona chahiye, yeh toh nahi bola tha...ab aap mukar rahe ho'

and then the funniest line...

aur aap ke liye maine jhoot bola ke aap policewaale ho :D after which the astonished look on Mithun Da's face is ghazab along with a dodgy whistle piece

then Himesh tries to further convince Mithun to accept...saying that 'ek toh aap gunde parivaar se ho aur phir uske baad visa type ki conditions laga rahe ho'...

and then Mithun Da thinks for some time n realizes that now he is tricked n framed and that is really has no other option other than accepting...

so he says funnily...'mujhe manjur hai' :D

> When the African grandmother puts the bandook on Sanjay Mishra's shoulder and yells SAALE JHOOT BOLTA HAI...and then first he catches it, turns behind and realizes that it is indeed a gun, and then the way he yells funnily AAAAAAHHHHH. The camera angles of this scene are superb.

End funny Scene

There is a funny scene in Khiladi 786, when 73 Singh who is the half Afro brother of 72 Singh arrives as the police they reunite and the African grand mother hugs him hard and cries funnily, there are 2 goons who have been already bashed by 72 Singh and they are lying on the ground, and they say...

'72 Singh kaafi nahi tha joh ab yeh 73 Singh bhi aa gaya hai...chup chap wapis lait ja, nahito aur dhunaayi hogi'...and they lay back on the ground and act as if they are motionless.

So in a nutshell, some of the funniest scenes of this film are when African grandma keeps the long gun on Sanjay Mishra's shoulder and he screams, when Himesh convinces Mithoon Da and with his almost falling sideways fake mustache he says Mujhe Manjoor Hai, when villain slaps minister and its repeatedly shown in Tv news, when the wheelchair bound guy gets up in the marriage, towards the end when Afro grandma reunites with 73 Singh and cries her heart out.

Great Dialogues

> The goon says ‘safeed doodh ki aar mein kaala dhanda’ in the cowshed scene before 72 Singh makes his grand intro entry in the jeep.

> The Devdas spoof and its dialogues are hilarious.

> Rajesh Khattar's dialogue ' koi 10th fail koh police mein leta hai?', reply from 72 Singh 'yeh jhoot bol raha dusvi fail nahi hoon, me baravi fail hu'.

Cast Names

Himesh thought of and came up with the name 'Champak Lal'

This was reconfirmed by Salil who interviewed Himesh on a radio station during Khiladi 786 promotions, whereby he asked Himesh 'ke yeh Champak lal jaisa naam kisne socha, kya aapne socha, aur kaise?' to which Himesh replied 'haan, yeh naam maine hi socha tha' :)


Claudia's dance

Cutie Claudia Ciesla dances really well in Balma from Khiladi 786...the lyrics go like, Fire Brigade mangwade tu, angaron par hai armaan...and she sets the dance floor ablaze with her groovy swaying moves

Two meaningful messages

Khiladi 786 gives 2 good messages in the 2nd half of the film from post interval onwards:

> When Mansukh's dad Champaklal calls him from STD booth as anonymous caller, n Mansukh says 'pata nahi yeh kaun gunga baar baar phone karke disturb karta hai', and always after the phone call Champaklal gets emotional, and after Mansukh is finally successful in conducting his 1st marriage rishta, Champaklal says to his wife 'tumhe kya lagta hai ke mujhe usko ghar se bhejke acha latga hai, lekin khara sona koh bhi sahi waqt pe aag lagti hai tab jaake woh pakka hota hai, agar kal koh mera beta taraqi karega toh socho hum maa baap koh kitni khushi hogi' i.e. sometimes in life a bold decision by parents can make and improve the lives of their children after they succeed the harsh tests in the reality of life on their own.

> In the end, when 73 Singh reunites with the Bahattar family...Tatya Tukaram Tendulkar finally realizes that despite being multicolored and from different ethnic regions, their family is so well n tightly knit together...and he says 'me toh apni behen ke liye acha pariwaar dhoond raha tha, lekin ab pata chala ke kisi ke high status se yeh nahi pata chalta ke woh shareef khandaan hai ya nahi...lekin dil se log acche hone chahiye, joh ke tum log ho' i.e. a high social status or rich class cannot really determine whether how good people actually are, but what matters is the clean heart.


Khiladi 786 is a paisa vasool masala entertainer. Its biggest USP is its humor quotient. The most humor is in the confrontations when Mansukh and Jeevan visit Tatya for the first time, when Mansukh and Jeevan visit Bahattar Singh's family, the first confrontation in between both parties i.e. TTT and Bahattar family, and the Punjab border scene. The 1st half of film has more hearty laughs as compared to the second half, but the comedy quotient picks up again towards the penultimate finale. The intro of Khiladi 786 aka 72 Singh is grand in the intro action scene and he shows his Khiladi stunts and prowress in the final action sequences.

Himesh won Phalke award for best supporting actor

Himesh won Dadasaheb Phalke Award for best supporting actor in Khiladi 786.

His win is fully justified, since Khiladi 786 was in 'Action Comedy' genre, and while Akshay 'Khiladi' Kumar was mainly responsible for Action in the film, but it was HR (Mansukh) who was mainly responsible for the comedy quotient...and in various scenes, his comic timing provided ample laughs to the audience, especially in the scenes with Tatya Tukaram Tendulkar and co.

If 72 Singh's character was the main USP for action, then Mansukh's character was the main USP for comedy...with good support from remaining characters of the film.

Himesh's graph as an actor has been exponentially growing from film to film, and this Phalke award will be another recognition to his acting credentials and be another feather in his cap.