It is amazing how the correctly suitable scale of a song can enhance its melody impact, examples by music videos vs ost:

> Rabba Luck Barsa from Kajraare

In video, the lower scale is not as catchy as higher scale from 0.28 onwards, and the higher scale in OST is the ideal scale.

> Lut Jaun from Karzzzz

Himesh's singing in youtube video is catchier than the original song, because the scale is lower in live singing as opposed to the high scale in the OST.

> Go Go Govinda from Oh My God

The song in film (half note higher) is catchier than the OST version, especially in the prolonged high pitched lines HUMMMMMMMMM.

The Shehnayi theme piece and tune of this song is actually catchy but its default scale in the OST version doesn't showcase this fully. If the scale of the song was 1 octave lower, n it could have sounded more catchier. Also, if any other instrument could have been used instead of the Shehnayi for the theme piece then it could have been more catchier, but then Himesh wanted to keep it a peppy dance track.

> Ulfat from Nanhe Jaiselmer

The youtube video (half note higher) is catchier than the OST version.

> Desi Beat from Bodyguard

The scale of this song could have been one octave lower for it to sound catchier (find the Comedy Circus video with Himesh episode, where he sings Desi Beat, and compare it to the OST)

Bottom line

Even though very negligible, a scale difference of plus or minus half a note can convert any original decent composition into a terrific composition. So in addition to being a great composer, it is a task of skill to select the correct scale that gives the max impact to any song.