the last line by Shreyan, TERE (off-da-hook variation twist) NAAM at 0:17 is not there in the original is great improvisation by him

Himesh sang a medley with Dhroon Tickoo on Apne Toh Apne, Main Jahaan Rahu and Hookah Bar...standout parts were HR's line, HOTE (off-da-hook variation note wins over the listener, different from original soundtrax) HAIN-NNN (awesome prolonged vibrato) from 0:10 to 0:14 in Apne Toh Apne Hote Hain, Himesh's lines from 2:08 to 2:24 in awesome lower middle octave, SAATH HAI (awesome emphasis vocals with kashish and ghehrayi) from 1:54 to 1:55 in Main Jahaan Rahu, Himesh's lines in awesome middle octave from 2:47 to 2:58 & 3:35 to 3:49 in Hookah Bar...bole toh Himesh was in full form aur Himesh ne Dhroon ke saath Dhoom machadi aur mehfil melody of Hookah Bar comes, Teri Akhiyon ka VAAR (straight note) at 3:36 followed by Teri Akhiyon ka VAAR (profound twist, kill melody effect) at 3:44

Dhroon Tickoo

Actually Dhroon Tickoo was singing very peppy jovial rhythmic songs in andaaz of Kishore Da, but in the Anil Kapoor episode the viewers saw a new facet of this singer when he sang Zindagi Har Kadam Ik Nayi Jung Hai which had a sad undertone, and he made a great transformation into this genre...and this week when he performed Main Jahaan Rahu under the guidance and mentorship of Himesh, he perfectly executed all the fine nuances of the twists, turns and murkhiyaa of the notes...his voice sounds cute, just like mishri aur guur jaise meethi, as if he has eaten sweet flour before performing...although this is not his final voice as it will crack later on, but he has made an impressive transformation in his last two performances, the most recent one being under advice of Himesh.