Scenes and Dialogues

In the film, the two interrogation scenes of inspector when he is interrogating the witnesses...bloody damn hilarious, that inspector actor is phenomenal. 

Two best Himesh scenes, one where Raghu the assassin hitman confidently approaches the building with gun in hand where villain is located, and second where Raghu leaves Tara and gears up to confront the villain...both are the penultimate ending scenes which were the best in film...dhaasu solid look, physique and overall appeal.

in penultimate scene, how Raghu loads his gun and tells the limping and wounded villain...tera baap ek ghatiya, kamina aur kamsarf aadmi tha...kutte ki maut mara tha [fills bullets in gun]...teri maut usse bhi battar hogi [loads the gun and points it towards villain to shoot] is great. Great dialogue by Rahgu, tu apne aap koh bhaut bada pagal kehta hai na, chal pagal pagal khelte hain...Ek goli dali, paanch kar khaali, yun lagaali, goli chaaladi...joh jeeta woh zinda, joh haara woh murdaa.

A film's ultimate aim is to entertain, no matter how that is achieved due to any way, i.e. Teraa Surroor is unintentionally funny at some places e.g. the chase sequences, when Raghu tries to convince Tara that he is faithful but sleeping with a whore was part of his national duty...that bhaarat maata ki jai aur desi tamancha scene, and the unknown villain playing a guitar, when Shekhar Kapur says 'that's why i hate love stories' and his wife says 'will you marry me once again before divorce', and when villain explains his reason for trapping Tara...these things are absurd and unintentionally funny, still they entertain and make the viewer smile in amusement...but they are part of entertainment.

There is a stylish, slick and aesthetic shot steamy bed scene which is quite short and interweaved. Wonder how many people decided not to watch this film with their families due to this particular scene.

Story, Plot and Concept

Biggest culprit of Teraa Surroor is the story, plot, screenplay and script which is cooked up for convenience and thus illogical, absurd and hard to digest for viewers...after almost 9 films, don't know how Himesh and producers approved this script...and who came up with it in first place, even forget about average expressionless acting and unconvincing chase sequences, but hard to believe story plays biggest spoilsport...actually, after The Xpose i had supported HR's move to go for a full on Action thriller, and it was the way to go forward, but where did the sensibilities of film making go...Himesh has made sensible films in the past, like The Xpose which was directed by veteran Anant Mahadevan, i believe that director Shawn Arraha's career is kapoot after this film, and so is Surroor girl Farah Karimi's career too...worst thing is that i feel bad for veterans Naseeruddin Shah, Shekar Kapoor n Kabir Bedi as film is getting panned and their reputations fact i wonder who convinced them to come on board and how did they agree...but one thing i re-learned is that very media which praises an artiste is the one that is going to thrash them completely when an artiste commits a mistake, they show no mercy and become double standard hypocrites...but respect goes out to KRK, coz if Rakesh Uphaydyay ji was not the friend of KRK, then he would have thrashed this film all ends up from everywhere...agar KRK Rakesh ji ka dost nahi hota toh Teraa Surroor koh cheer fad deta, he could give the worst review out of all the critics out there. It appeared that KRK was asked to do some promotional work for this film as he also sang 'Wafa Ne Bewafai' and praised it, surprisingly also referring Himesh as 'Bhai' something which could be unexpected in wildest of dreams.

My opinion

Personally as a Himesh fan, my overall feeling for Teraa Surroor is a Thumbs Up and i liked the film...2nd half was better than 1st half, after Raghu meets Naseeruddin Shah, and the chase action scenes up until the end is likeable...Himesh's approaching scene as a Hitman when he goes to the building where villain is located is solid and dhaasu, and the way he interacts with him, the whole dialoguebaazi and andaaz is super...the Indian inspector who interrogates one male and one female suspect is hilarious...majority of media has panned the film due to illogical plot, Himesh's one dimensional acting and too many deliberately forced complexities to confuse audience, and over the top camera angles and loud background music...if these are overlooked, then its a decent watch.

It is a decent one time watch film, but it is not an 'edge of the seat' entertainer...the plot is quite illogical and unbelievable in certain scenes, it can give competition to the logic of Rohit Shetty films e.g. Farah Karimi goes to Ireland due to a simple phone call from a facebook friend that she hardly knows, Raghu offers an explanation to Tara that he did his duty for patriotism and sleeping with a whore was part of his duty, but he always loved Tara, just unbelievably wow...which faithful honest man would do this and blatantly offer an explanation...when Raghu meets Tara from walls of jail, he tells her, i love you, and she says i love you sudden change of heart, was it because she knows that she is in deep s*ht now...the firangi actors playing authorities were hilarious idiotic circus jokers, no conviction at all...the patriotic dialogues have been forced but don't have that much of impact as they are deja-vu stuff...Himesh's acting has been thrashed by media critics for same stone faced facial expression and same tone, but i thought he acted decent...Naseeruddin Shah, Shehkar Kapur, Kabir Bedi, Monica Dogra acted well...the villain acted quite good, 2nd half was better than 1st half...overall, this film has showcased Himesh's beefed up body...but as he said, he was most pleased with reviews and liking given by critics to The Xpose and he wanted to win over all his critics...well, this film has taken him backwards, due to an illogical plot with lack of believability and sensibility, and for one dimensional acting...the film may do decent business and appeal to his fans and certain audience, but its been thrashed and panned by majority of critics which is a dangerous roadblock in Himesh's acting vehicle, considering that he is planning to star in 3 upcoming films as actor.

Background Score

Background score could have been better, it was effective at some places only. Perhaps Himesh could have given background score to someone else.


One of the promo clips had a cool complied animation sequence that showcased Himesh as a great package i.e. it had glimpses of Himesh's dialogue Chal Pagal Pagal, glass shield breaking and villain falling, and Himesh's Abs are displayed...Raghu holding a bazooka or AK 47, Raghu chalaoing / firing gun with ishtyle pointing upwards sideways.


If makers of Teraa Surroor could have gone on with the original title Guns N Roses, and without any of old Surroor songs / remixes...may be the film could have a different packaging, coz the makers tried to cash in on the word 'Surroor' as Aap Ka Surroor both album and film were big success, but that was an era and decade ago, and there are today's times whereby certain segment of Aam Junta are pakaoed of Himesh's Surroor and don't want to do anything with, renaming the title to Teraa Surroor may have limited the core audience to only his fans...who knows, if title was Guns N Roses without any Surroor songs / remixes, then a more wider audience would have got tempted to check out the film and box office collections could have been better, but due to the Surroor word...certain segment decided to stay away.

A review...on one side, gave 3 stars but on other side said it's aimed at 'Himesh fans' which is narrowing down the audience target appeal, who MAY want to go for the movie...alas, what do you mean by 'may'?? should they be reluctant or double minded to go and see it...instead they should have written, who 'should' go for the film, or it is a 'must see' movie for his fans who 'should not' miss it at any cost. Because of the title, they got this leeway and bahaana to 'narrow down' the film's target audience to only his fans, even though that perhaps that may have not been the case of initial title could have not been replaced and there were no re-hash of his previous songs which gave them this impression.

Himesh - The Actor

Some cricketers are always fighting for a place in team, always on selection radar and even after just one failure, everything else is overlooked and their place gets questioned in the team. This is the case with Himesh - the actor, whereas there are some cricketers whose place is always unquestionably fixed regardless of their performance, this is the case with big bollywood, the thing is that the margin for error for Himesh - the actor is very less and next to none as his films and acting is under constant media scrutiny, but unfortunately Himesh committed this professional hara kiri by Teraa Surroor which gave majority of critics to bark and have pot shots at him, now word of mouth is negative. Next time a Himesh film will release, there will be reluctance and questions about logic but if Teraa Surroor was a sensible film, then vishwaas of audience could have been barkaraar.

Himesh - the actor says that he takes workshops in preparation for his role and character, before commencing the film's shoot...but Himesh took his character a bit too seriously and enacted it as a one dimensional character...those that have watched Himesh's earlier films know that he is capable of comedy (Khiladi 786), and emotional drama scenes, like the scene before song Jhoot Nahi Bolna between him and Hansika's i think that HR deliberately did one dimensional stone faced acting, as per character's requirement...and not because that he was not capable of emoting better, so i think that part of fault lies with whoever designed Himesh's character Raghu, he could have given him various shades (comedy, vunerable etc) so Himesh could have more scope to act in addition of showcasing his body.

Critical Acclaim

After every film release, the makers make a positive review card summary poster, so it means that reviews actually do matter to them...but in case of Teraa Surroor the makers have overlooked several bad negative reviews by major network sites...there was a dialogue in PRDP by Deepak Dobriyal...Aap Humse Khush Hoke Hame Puruskaar Doge...but what were makers thinking, that after making such a khush hogi, aur shabaashi could they think that the media and aam junta (not Himesh fans) are bhootiya to appreciate such a chudzpa story of previous era woth a cooked up waferthin plot, so what happened is that majority of critics have given good solid shock therapy to Himesh - the actor, accha jhatka diya hai so now Himesh has no choice but to overlook them to continue his acting endeavour, his statement...i will win over all critics, yeh baat ab gayi tel lagaane.

Investment Recovery before release

Makers are saying that they recovered all investment from music, dvd n satellite rights...but what about theatrical release, remember that the distributors are running the film in 1500 screens all India and if shows are not full then whose loss is it...the distributors n exhibitors to whom this film was sold and now who are showcasing the film in their theaters, or who else bears this loss of screening vs ticket can a film be declared hit by recovering cost before release, even though it may not do good theatrical business.

Same thing said for The Xpose that Tv rights were sold for xxx crore before theatrical release, but film never shown on any channels till date. However, The Xpose did way better business than Teraa Surroor and can be categorized as commercial success.

Director Shawn Arranha says, "The producers have already recovered the film's cost through sale of music, satellite and other rights."

This is the mantra that HR Musik has been following for their previous films is made in limited budget, and its investment cost is recovered by music and satellite rights, so that the film is a safe bet for all parties before its theatrical release.

"John Abraham had Dishoom in between this and Rocky Handsome which was okay at the box office but fared exceptionally well on television more than justifying the big satellite price of 25 crore." - boxofficeindia

John's film Rocky Handsome was sold for 25 Cr satellite price and it was technically a flop/average in domestic BO, but found appreciation on TV...CONTENT of film really matters, even if it doesn't do well at BO as many people won't buy tickets and watch in theaters, but if content is solid and there are big bucks in satellite tv deal, then the film can find many viewers tuning in their tv sets to watch that Himesh should ensure that content of his film is SOLID, not like Teraa Surroor 2 but lets say, like Damadamm and The Xpose, whereby good response / appreciation from TV audience will result in higher satellite deals.

Release screens and Box Office

According to KRK who is a self proclaimed accurate critic, said that Teraa Surroor released in 1748 screens and 5802 shows per day. It's biggest release of Himesh's film till date. Teraa Surroor is winner by first show coz of controlled budget COP 6+5 P&A= 11Cr. Recovery- Music 6Cr+ Satellite 5Cr. All Theatrical profit. Teraa Surroor has opened 20-25% in the morning n occupancy will increase so day1 will be 2-3Cr. It's superb. Film is hit by first show only. - Tera Suroor had a low opening of 5-10% and is depending on growth of business by the end of the day. This may give it some sort of chance due to the low costs involved in the film. The film probably has better chances in places like Gujarat, CP Berar and CI due to the music but collections must be good here by the end of the day as decent collections in a few areas harldly means anything'. It collected approx 6.75 crore nett. Week One - 5,95,00,000, Week Two - 21,00,000, Third Weekend - 2,00,000, Total - 6,18,00,000

However, there were conflicting reports other sources:

Teraa Surroor Fri 1.79 cr, Sat 2.09 cr, Sun 2.58 cr, Mon 1.38 cr, Tue 1.27 cr, Wed 1.18 cr, Thu 1.09 cr. Total: ₹ 11.38 cr. India biz. Week 2 - Fri 37 lacs, Sat 43 lacs. Total: ₹ 12.18 cr. India biz.- Taran Adarsh

And Teraa Surroor collects 1.09 cr on thursday Total 10.29 cr + 1.09 cr =11.38 cr 1st week - Kunal M Shah

Promotional Interviews and appearances

Himesh usually goes around and promotes his films before release via concerts and show appearances, which is a good thing.

Himesh jovially greets everyone from start to 0:04, then intensely plays Pagal Pagal with the interviewer from 0:10 to 0:17...the interviewer asks Himesh from 0:39 onwards in rapid fire game...'i want to get naughty with this Bollywood actor' and Himesh replies...naughty, no, none...then the interviewer says, you have already been naughty in this scene itself, and Himesh gives a thumbs up and laughs from 0:50 to 0:51...the way Himesh sings the songs with subdued restrained vocals from 2:58 to 4:32 is like a lullaby which can put a baby to sleep, but he cannot curb his natural instincts and goes full throttle in his singing from 6:41 onwards.

Comedy nights live episode with Himesh

When Himesh arrived, he went all the way to all musicians playing the orchestra and gave them respect by shaking their hands, still baffled as to why Himesh chose Sunithi to support him, as i don't they were so close up until the recent musical reality shows like The Voice, each time Himesh was getting boxed by Sunithi after getting wrong answer in that game, Himesh used to turn around twice whenever Sunithi punched him with that boxing bag...overall, Himesh was sporting even when Siddharth Sagar was taking food items from his hand and deliberately fumbled Himesh's surname. Firstly, i didn't understand why Sunidhi Chauhan is on the same set when its Himesh's telecast, she hasn't sung any song in Teraa Surroor, even not for any Himesh film in the recent past. Secondly, Mika's artificial laugh on the show is quite irritating. Thirdly, Comedy nights cast should maintain their distance with Himesh and not become so touchy, because Himesh doesn't like too much invasion into his space and over the top unwaraanted masti mazaak. When Farah Karimi was asked by officials in the film trailer, what is your name...she replied innocently, people can get more Ru Ba Ru with her on Comedy Nights Live with Surroor team. Comedy Nights Live team will shoot an episode with Himesh and it will be aired before the films release, which should be good to watch.

when the reporter tells Himesh that apparently Farah Karimi is a huge fan of him...Himesh slightly laughs and says YAAH at 0:27, nice andaaz

like the way Himesh clicks his mouth at 0:02 & 0:04 as if he is chewing something (may be channa?!) and then repeatedly shakes his neck from 0:04 to 0:12 while listening to the interviewer and at same time showing him attitude with big sun glasses...then casually saying, Nahi Maine Nahi Kuch Bhi Decide Kiya Zindagi Mein...Himesh ji is too much.

Himesh says that he had a crew of about 15 people, as the light in Dublin was very good and so there was no need for extra light, and pre production / planning took about 9-10 months but after that it was shot in 1 schedule, it is a 2 hour film and it was not over shot in length, also the film was made in a tight budget control of 6-7 crores which is cost of the film, and the film could be shot in a grand way due to shooting in Dublin which is a character itself in film, as if the film could be shot in Mumbai, the budget control wouldn't be possible, as they got permissions to shoot for desired locations in Dublin and got drones to shoot the great shots, 5-6 crores for P&A but due to music revenue, cost comes down...Himesh likes the Mukesh Bhatt module, and budget control is his forte as he made serials in past.

Himesh ji is singing so casually with bindaas style and attitude, yeh kaise andaaz se gaa rahe ho boss...but Himesh sung Bekhudi and Bekhudi v2 in Himesh's Sufi Rwak voice would have sounded like...perhaps something close to Historic.

Himesh ji ne googly feki by saying, Isme Suroor ke original tracks bhi honge from 2:56 to 2:58, mast shendi chipkayi kyunki koi original song nahi hai, sirf Ishq Samundar mein Assalam Valekum chants aur Mash Up mein Tera Suroor portion hai...Himesh ji starts singing from 4:12 onwards, and Darshan stands up and tries to join in but is clueless, kyunki ek baar Himesh singing flow mein aajaye phir unse taal milaana aur unko tokna itna aasaan nahi.

Himesh ji said...mujhe Hyderabad ki Biriyani bhaut acchi lagti hai, lekin kyunki mujhe apne Abs maintain karne hain, isi liye me 7:30 pm ke baad ye sab kuch nahi khaa sakta, lekin lunch me mein Hyderabad biryani zaroor khaa ke jaunga...nice way to win the hearts in Nizam territory...also, Himesh says that all heroines associated with Suroor brand have done well, Deepika is a superstar, Hansika Motwani is doing really well in South...and he hopes that Farah Karimi will do well too, and offered his blessings and good luck wishes to her.

Radio Interview


from 3:18 to 3:19, it may sound as MI-MI-MI-MI, but its actually distortion of radio frequency, as in actuality...Himesh is singing HMMM, O Huzoor

Sountrax release timing

It has been a great marketing and promotional strategy from HR Musik for Teraa Surroor, as they started promos bit late and released the soundtrax close to the film's release, and this has that 'Taaza' factor. In some of Himesh's previous projects, the first teaser almost came out 2.5 months before and the full album was out 1.5 months before the film's release.


In Tera Surroor 2, the idea in terms of theme and concept was right i.e. beefed up cool stud Himesh in Action hero role...but its execution in terms of story, screenplay and narrative was wrong,