Himesh Reshammiya is known to experiment with his looks from time to time.

So far, he has kept 3 looks i.e.

1. Rwakstar look - with the trademark attire of baseball cap, long leather jacket and beard. This look can be associated with the Sufi Rwak genre of Himesh, and those who just love the Sufi Rwak era will swear by this look. It has a great 'konnekt'.

2. Long Hair extensions look (Karzzzz, Kajraare, A New Love Ishtory) - this look comprises of long hair extensions, whereby Himesh looks the most 'handsome' and adorable from all his three looks so far. Whether it is Kajraare Title Trax, Rabba Luck Barsaa or Dil Koh Loota from A Lew Love Ishtory, Himesh's look and facial expressions just woo over the viewer.

3. Short Haired look (Damadamm, Khiladi 786) - this is his most 'original' look. Though one would say that Himesh looks like a Rwakstar in his Rwakstar look, or the most handsome with his long haired look, but Himesh looks like a 'stud' with ear rings in this look whereby he looks 'original to the core' without any add ons.


All three look avatars have their own unique distince charm, and will make the fans associate with and relate to the various eras gone by in point of time.

From Khiladi 786 look to The Xpose look to the first look poster in Guns N Roses, its like Himesh's gradual transformation from size 3 to size 1 to size 0

Himesh had an arrogant Rwakstar image in ABA era from 2005-2007, then he had a cute adorable look from Radio to Khiladi 786 and then he got a Stud look from The Xpose onwards. All three looks are good in their own ways, and the cutest is Mansukh of Khiladi 786.