The fact that Himesh and Rahat Saab share a good rapport and working relationship is great for two reasons:

> Rahat saab is also a Sufi Rwak singer as the roots of this genre was passed onto him by his uncle the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan via personal hands on riyaaz and live musical concerts, and hence he can do perfect justice to Himesh's compositions. Only a Sufi Rwak composer can understand a Sufi Rwak singer, and thus just like how Himesh - the Sufi Rwak composer tailor makes compostions for Himesh - the Sufi Rwak singer, this aspect also helps in Rahat's case as all the fine Sufi Rwak nuances are understood by both da parties in terms of their execution (especially in the prolonged high pitched lines and alaaps).

> Rahat saab's voice is one of da most 'universally accepted' ones in todays era, in terms of the other A league singers in da industry. So any Himesh album which features Rahat saab's name in da singing credits will only increase da albums appeal even further.

Himesh-Rahat saab combo has delivered some classy stuff till date:

Main Jahan Rahu from Namastey London

A semi-classical song with a stamp of class written all over it. This song is the one of the benchmarks in musical reality shows to test the high pitch range of singers. Is gaane ka 'loha' har koi maanta hai.

Ishq Di Gali from Milenge Milenge

A pleasantly likeable downtown interior number. Himesh makes Rahat touch some lower octave notes in da stanzas.

Teri Meri Prem Kahaani from Bodyguard

A love anthem with a larger than life music arrangement with a stamp of class written all over it. Rahat's BEST line is his soulful killer high pitched alaap in between 1st stanza gap that bowls over da listener. The Rahat factor also helped da cause of this song breaking da record in terms of highest digital download records till date.

Naina Re from Dangerous Ishhq

A warm soulful number with a sad untertone to it. Rahat's and Himesh's vocals compliment each other at high pitch range. It is a unique exciting collaboration and it is hoped that this song will start a trend of sorts where Rahat n Himesh will feature together in future songs as it leaves a lot to be desired. This is also because both these singers have a josh n junoon for their Sufi Rwak genre, in da sense that when they sing such compositions they get lost into their own world / zone and the outcome is reflected in their vocals. It would have been nice to see Himesh n Rahat Saab in a cool avatar with shades on featuring together onscreen in Naina Re - Remix music video [fun intended].

Tu Hi Rab from Dangerous Ishhq

A melodious love duet with pre ABA touch. Rahat just rwaks it with his vocals that strike a chord and as a result Himesh slots it as da opening track in da album. 

Rahat is usually known for his KASHISH in his vocals which occurs as a result of voice cracking at high pitch (an observable trait in most Sufi Rwak singers), but he shows a new singing facet in this song with the SHARPNESS in his mukhda vocals on TYPICAL UNIQUE HR MELODY in lines MERE DIL KI HAR EK DEEWAAR PE TERA CHEHRA which has HISTORY 'striking' melody, and thus far the best line in terms of all Himesh-Rahat songs till date.


When one thinks of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan both as a singer and a personality, respect comes to mind. Himesh is a singer who gave 36 back to back hits in a row, but he also has a listener segment who don't like his avatar as a singer (as opposed to a composer). On da other hand, Rahat Saab is a universally accepted singer. Da fact that Rahat saab did not have any reservations to co-sing with Himesh commands even more respect coz he did not think of da downside repercussions in terms of his image and reputation in terms of being questioned by Himesh's haters who are also Rahat's fans. Rahat Saab rwaks and it is hoped that he will continue to feature in Himesh's compositions and that Himesh-Rahat combo will co-sing more songs in da coming future!