Some top Himesh - Sonu combo winners (to name a few among their works together):

> Yeh Dil Toh Mila Hai - Dil Ne Jise Apna Kahaa (2004)

> Raat Hai Soyi Soyi - Main Aisa Hi Hoon (2005)

> Bhangra Paale - Anthony Kaun Hai (2006)

> Just Chill Chill - Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya (2005)

> Apne Toh Apne Hote Hain - Apne (2007)

> Ishq Mein Dilko - Banaras (2006)

> Jaana Nahin Tha - Blackmail (2005)

> Ae Dil Yeh Bata - Julie (2004)

> O Mere Humsafar - Julie (2004)

> Pardesi - Kahin Pyar Na Ho Jaaye (2000)

> Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye - Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye (2005)

> Lagne Lage Ho - Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye (2005)

> Nanhe Yaar - Nanhe Jaiselmer (2007)

> Dil Me Jo Baat - Run (2004)

> Tu Hi - Yakeen (2005)

> Tum Chain Ho - Milenge Milenge (2010)

Their hit jodi association was going smoothly until one fine day Mr. Himesh Reshammiya decided to launch himself as a singer.

He started wearing da cap and won his 1st filmfare award as a singer in 2005, a feat that Sonu was also nominated for Piyu Bole - Parineeta.

Therefore, Sonu tried to compete and match with Himesh in 2005-2006 in every department. But after Himesh delivered 36 back to back hits as a singer and his debut film as an actor AKS - The Moviee was a hit, Sonu finally realized that he will never be able to match the level of Himesh becase he couldn't achieve the same mass hysteria as a singer in such a short span of time and his films as an actor titled Love In Nepal and Jaani Dushman bombed badly at the box office and he was unable to get more new offers to prolong and have a second shot at his acting career. Also in terms of live shows all across the world, Himesh was far ahead. Sonu Nigam became depressed in last few years and he hasn't sung all that many songs in wholesale basis but rather become choosy / picky in his songs selection whereas Himesh is back in his 2nd innings with 300+ new songs. Sonu fans are just jealous, frustrated and upset of this fact but they don't realize that they are trying to compete in a race which they already lost a long time ago.

Such jealousy is "but natural" and understandable as anyone who thinks that he is the undisputed veteran in his field cannot simply "digest" being overtaken in such a short span of time.

Henceforth, Sonu subscequently admitted that "Himesh ne meri topi cheenli", a fate also suffered by poor Anu Malik after Himesh hit a sixer with Tum Saanson Mein from Humko Deewana Kar Gaye which sidelined and overshadowed his remaining songs.

Himesh wasn't a threat to Sonu as a composer but now became a competitor once he turned singer, but the fact is that not only Sonu but many other singers "envy" Himesh because no other singer has tasted success and attanied fame to this level. As Pritam Da put it, that "Himesh has taken the music field to a stardom level in India".

Himesh has also clarified this media speculation in Aap Ki Adalat:

However, even in da post ABA era, Himesh and Sonu worked together but with decreasing frequency until Himesh's policy decision came into fray and all other male singers ka "patta kut" ho gaya.

But even if himesh hadn't imposed it, still it is doubtful that Himesh and Sonu would work together.

Their relations fell apart when Sonu started taking digs and pot shots at Himesh by mimmiking him in reality musical shows.

Sonu's side of story is an article whereby Himesh said that "Who is Sonu?" at the time both were having their respective musical shows in the US, and Himesh never ever called him up from then onwards to croon a song from him.

Himesh kept working with Sonu till 2007 despite Sonu talking ill in media since 2006, and gave him title trax of Nanhe Jaiselmer n kept his own songs Ranjhana n Lamha Lamha at no 4 and 5. this shows the greatness of Himesh. It was after AKS-The Moviee when all other singer's pata was cut as Himesh decided to sing all his songs in his films.

They even sung 2 songs together i.e. Dil Vich Lagiya Ve (Chup Chup Ke) n IFFI song. Sonu also tried to sing Dil Vich Lagiya Ve in Himesh's style.

While many fans would not want them to feature together again due to Sonu's antics rather than his vocal talent, if these two put aside their ego differences, there will be something special on da cards if Sonu features as a singer in future Himesh songs but da probability of this happening is remote.


According to this report, the biggest reason Sonu is miffed with Himesh is because he said 'who is Sonu?' Himesh just said it in the heat of the moment, but from Sonu's point of view it is like if you have a facebook friend who is your work colleague and you share a very good rapport, commenting and liking each others posts and pics, then suddenly he/she gets promoted and that pisses you off and you unfriend each other, then in a public group...that colleague says about you, who is he?? your reaction will be 'what?' gussa aayega na and you will get pissed off, and Sonu even did Hajamat of an RJ by his tweets who tried to manipulate stuff...yeh wajood ki baat hai...its like if people say, who are you? you will also get pissed off.

In one particular video, Sonu Nigam said that (during their dispute) he got a call from Himesh's office to sing a song, but he said that song was WAHIYAAT and he suggested them not to make it by saying 'maine unko bhi yahi kaha ki itna wahiyaat gaana aap mat banao'...this is all his KHUNAAS and the song would be good...well, the thing is that Himesh really doesn't have any problem working with Sonu, but Sonu has kept the grudge of 'Who Is Sonu??' and he cannot let go of it.

Personally i don't associate myself with Sonu Nigam whenever i watch Indian Idol or listen to his songs, because he is Anti Himesh. So i can never be part of Sonu camp or Sonu fan bandwagon, although i like his voice.