These are Himesh's ultimate best ever 'sung n composed' songs that comprise his 'cream' in post-ABA era till date :

1. Aashiq Banaya Aapne Title Trax, Naam Hai Tera and Hookah Bar - TIE.

2. Tera Suroor from Aap Ka Suroor.

3. Dil Tumhare Bina from 36 China Town.

4.  O Jaana Love U Miss U from Rocky - The Rebel and Yahi Hota Hai Pyar from Namastey London - TIE

5. Tanhaiyaan from AKS - The Moviee and Rabba Luck Barsa from Kajraare - TIE

In this ultimate list...ABA Title Trax, Naam Hai Tera, Hookah Bar and Tera Suroor pick themselves up automatically just like some Indian veteran legends in cricket team (its really hard to see how these iconic songs can be replaced/dislodged from their musical perch, may be by some of Himesh's better works in da future!).

Tunewise...Naam Hai Tera and Hookah Bar are the catchiest compositions by Himesh till date. Aashiq Banaya Aapne remains an unbeatable trax because of its orchestration, the way it is sung, Shreya's part n overall the way song gradually keeps on building up to give jazba n get listener into da zone from 2nd stanza onwards till the end.

Other songs from his 'top musical drawer' that immidiately follow da above elite list are:

They are not ranked in any order:

> Afreen Tera Chehra from Red - The Dark Side.

> Ahista Ahista Title Trax.

> Kajra Kajra Kajraare.

> Junoon Junoon from Rocky - The Rebel.

> Kola Laka Vellari from Welcome.

> Jhalak Dikhlaja from Aksar.

From pre ABA era, Tere Naam title trax and Oodhni are Himesh's best songs, and in post ABA era there are a few like ABA Title Trax, Naam Hai Tera, Tera Suroor, Hookah Bar, Dil Tumhare Bina...but it is difficult to choose which is more melodious from both era's e.g. Tere Naam vs Naam Hai Tera, or Oodhni vs Tera Surroor / Hookah Bar.