From trademark Himesh filmi albums:

1. Kajraare (best song: Rabba Luck Barsa, second best: Kajra Kajra Kajraare).

2. Khiladi 786 (best song: Hukkah Bar, second best: Balma / Khiladi Bhaiya).

3. AKS - The Moviee (best song: Tanhaiyaan, second best: Tera Mera Milna).

4. Karzzzz (best song/s: tie between Lut Jaon & Mashah Allah).

From new-age Himesh filmi albums with experimentation:

1. Damadamm (best song/s: Yun Toh Mera Dil & Mango).

2. Radio (best song/s: tie between Teri Meri Dosti & Shaam Ho Chali).

Top picks from all his filmi albums: Hukkah Bar, Tanhaiyaan and Rabba Luck Barsa.

Additional Views

Kajraare is a better album than Khiladi 786, because Lonely, Long Drive, Saari Saari Raat and Tu Hoor Pari are not better than most of Kajraare songs. Though Hookah Bar is the best song from both albums, and Balma and Khiladi Bhaiya can challenge the top tracks of Kajraare, but in total entirety the combined songs of Kajraare are weight heavy on the combined songs of Khiladi 786.

DAMADAMM beats RADIO in TWO aspects. Firstly, the new-age Himesh as a composer in songs like YUN TOH MERA DIL (touch of samba/bossa nova), MANGO (late night opera setting) and AAJA VE (punjabi elements albeit with new-age modern contemporary orchestration) with totally fresh approach in compositional style and musical arrangements in new unheard genres in Bollywood. Secondly in RADIO he only showcased his new-found singing style / voice mainly in the LOWER BAZZ OCTAVE and MIDDLE OCTAVE, whereas in DAMADAMM he showcases his FULL RANGE of the new voice, especially the HIGH PITCH in songs like MANGO and HUM TUM TRAIN.

If there is any album in post ABA era that can challenge n come close to Himesh's debut pop album Aap Ka Suroor (2006) as an overall package in totality which is his best post ABA album till date, then it has to be Kajraare.

Other top benchmack Himesh albums as an overall package in totality where he was not an actor are:

> 36 China Town.

> Ahista Ahista (most critically acclaimed).

> Namastey London.