Himesh sung these songs that have a 'cult rock on' touch with arrogant feel vocals as if to signify the rebellious mood and nature of the youth generation, jinke sar ke upar josh aur junoon sawar hai.

Sisak Sisak Ke - Karzzzz

It is a stage song that showcases a rwakstar. The temperature rises in terms of intensity with Himesh's arrogant feel vocals in the stanzas.

Ulfat - Nanhe Jaiselmer

It is a stage song that showcases a rwakstar. Himesh sings with arrogant feel vocals in lines DIL KE RUBARU...HAAN RUBARU.

Rocky Rock The World - Rocky

It is a full on rock number depicting the rebellious nature of the protagonist i.e. Rocky - The Rebel.

I Need My Space - Damadamm

It depicts the freedom of rebellious lover who is fed up of constant intereference within a relationship, whereby the celebration of defiance is reflected in the lyrics and wicked sound effects, most notably the wicked funky guitar piece after the line I NEED MY SPACE.