There are many different kinds, variations and patterns of 'typical unique HR melody'.

One such peculiar typical unique HR melody twist in terms of Instrumentals that has a similar pattern is evidenced in the following parts:

> From 0.51 to 1.01 in CHURA LO VERSION 1 from TAARZAN - THE WONDER CAR.

> From 0.52 to 1.03 in CHURA LO VERSION 2 from TAARZAN - THE WONDER CAR.

> From 6.00 to 6.01 in AAKHIYAAN LADAAJA from BLACKMAIL.

> From 8.35 to 8.38 in SARZAMEEN SE from ZAMEEN.

In graphical terms, think of this twist's pattern as a spiral that would form a horizintal 8, i.e.