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In these above videos, Himesh talks about the music of Yeh Hai Jalwa, and the key thing he mentions is the use of 'history male treble vocals in high pitch used for the vocal theme piece' which was used in most of da songs and was da album's USP as it gave all da songs a sense of relatability n identity' that they all belonged to da same film.

Chudi Khankayi Re

This is the BEST croon from all the other similar croons in remaining songs of da album.

> From 5.08 to end in CHUDI KHANKAYI RE - HISTORY intense croon HEEE - AAAA from 5.11 to 5.12 whereby male singer LITERALLY POURS HIS HEART OUT.

O Jaane Jigar

> From 5.47 to end in O JAANE JIGAR - The prolonged catchy line JALWA-AAAAAAAAAA gives JAZBA, and the varying tune keys that join in from 6.01 onwards gives kick in overall context.

Dheere Dheere Aana

> From start to 0.15 & 5.02 to end in DHEERE DHEERE AANA - HISTORY intense high-pitch croon along with a catchy tune key from 0.04 to 0.05 & 5.06 to 5.07

Aankhen Pyaari Hai

> From 3.56 to 4.07 in AANKHEN PYAARI HAI - Very catchy croon.

Carbon Copy

> From start to 0.11 & 4.45 to end in CARBON COPY - Quite catchy, in a slightly lower pitch range. Gives JAZBA from 4.45 to end, also coz da listener feels da father-son relationship.


This is one of the BEST EVER typical unique HR melody pieces, and it was due to such 'infectiously catchy' tune pieces which set Himesh - the pre ABA composer apart from da league of other composers.

In essence, what does 'typical unique HR melody' mean? It means, such melody that is 'typical of' and 'unique to' Himesh, whereby while other composers may be good at their own art, but no one else can ever dream of composing such notes!