Himesh's line, HAI KASAM (OFF-DA-HOOK halke se feel) from 0.34 to 0.36 whereby he pours his heart out.

Himesh asks for rhythm and the live orchestra oblidges by providing rwakin rhythmic beats that kick in from 0.47 onwards.

Audience come to da party from this point onwards and support HR in his cause.

Himesh's line, HOOOOOO (awesome prolonged alaap, waah kya sur pakda hai!) from 0.53 to 0.55

A catchy groovy tune piece plays from 1.33 to 1.35 followed by OFF-DA-HOOK two heavy drum hits from 1.35 to 1.36

Audience acknoeldedge Himesh's performance by giving a loud cheer at da end.

Basically Himesh starts with some soulful redention but later turns da place into a night club, which has always been his funda for live performances.

Himesh bhai, toh phir kis film me yeh gaana istemaal karoge aur full OST version kab sun ne koh milega?!

Himesh could have considered using this song in Aap Se Mausiiquii, he pours his heart out in line, HAI KASAM at 0:34...he says, Wahi Rhythm Wapis De Jiye Ga at 0:44, the old judge sitting next to Rajesh Roshan keeps his mic down at 0:47 to listen it, audience is on their feet...Ismail Darbar is clapping at 0:59, Vishal Shekhar are enjoying at 1:09...song gets a foot tapping groove, with a catchy groovy tune piece at 1:33 followed by two heavy drum hits...HR doesn't forget the contestant at hugs him at 1:36