Check out the HISTORY well structured vocal alaap with prolonged twists n turns from 13.13 to 13.22, with emphasis on OOO (OFF-DA-HOOK profound emphasis twist) from 3.15 to 3.16 whereby he literally pours his heart out, OOOO - OOOOO (subtle innocent feel) from 3.18 to 3.22 to give da completeness effect.

It is hoped that Himesh will use this well structured prolonged alaap as a vocal theme piece at start and intermittently throughout IN ONE OF HIS FUTURE SONGS, in the same manner just like he used the HISTORY prolonged well structured catchy middle octave alaap in O JAANA LOVE U MISS U from ROCKY - THE REBEL (which remains to be his best vocal alaap in an OST).

Only Mr. Himesh Reshammiya is capable of composing such 'typical unique HR melody' pieces which set him distinctively apart from other composers and above them in an alltogether unreachable league.

When children are supposed to be playing ludo, even a small talented kid cannot resist himeslf but to go to singing Himesh's complex steep raag based melodies with sudden abrupt twists n turns from 13.58 to 14.00 when he sees a threat to stop in his tracks. Bache koh chinta ho gayi ki lo gayi bhens paani mein aur iske pehle bhaut der ho jaaye me phir se chalu ho jata hoon [light-hearted comic timing moment]. This is the Himesh Reshammiya effect!