Certain Himesh songs take the listener into imaginatory places and locations of the world, and outside it. These are some of them:

> AAP KI KASHISH from AASHIQ BANAYA AAPNE - The instrumentals in both stanza gaps have an OUT-OF-DA-WORLD experience. Between mukhda & 1st stanza, the techno whoosh sound that gradually grows upon da listener from 1.34 to 1.39 gives a feel as if a high velocity comet is passing near Jupiter, the laid back string tune from 1.39 to 1.48 gives a feel as if the listener is in a cool n quiet 'shaant' Pluto (INCREDIBLE OUT OF DA WORLD experience). Between 1st & 2nd stanza, the intense ambient sound from 3.06 to 3.18 gives a feel as if the listener is in Mercury, and from 3.14 to 3.18 is as if the fingernail taps/hits a hard surface like an ice slab many times (INCREDIBLE OUT-OF-DA-WORLD experience).

> AASHIQUANA HAI DIL from AAP KA SUROOR - due to intense nature of song and arrogant feel vocals, it gives a feel as if the listener is somewhere in the red hot Mercury or Venus.

> MILE HO TUM TOH from DIL DIYA HAI - The dark mysterious beginning comprising of the combo of subtle laidback guitar riffs along with a varying GROOVY tune from start to 0.13, followed by 3 flick of guitar strings at 0.10 give a feel as if the listener is somewhere near a spooky cave where bats are flying.

> YA ALI from AAP KA SUROOR - Himesh's high pitched singing, Sunithi's husky vocals at low range n thumping accelerating orchestration, takes the listener into the imagination of pristine rugged location far away from the city whereby there are mountainous cliff ridges on one side and crystal clean ocean on the other side, n in between these, the listener is cruising his Porsche in the middle of the long wide empty freeway with reverse spin alloy rims at dusk/sunset. Listening to this song takes the listener into an unexplored part of world, and almost like in the middle of nowhere whereby there are dead ends on both sides of the road, n state of trance.

> AFREEN TERA CHEHRA from RED - THE DARK SIDE - the starting female seductive feel croons followed by groovy flute piece until 0.25 is as if the listener is somewhere near a mysterious place at night.

> HUM TUM TRAIN KI from DAMADAMM - The background orchestration has a SURREAL effect i.e. from 0.24 onwards the white noise in the backdrop gives a feel as if the listener is floating upside down in the open free space n atmosphere where there is zero gravity in an unknown mysterious alien planet or farthest planet Pluto in da universe. The mysterious haunt chorus that grows upon the listener from 1.55 to 2.00 & 5.33 to 5.42 depicts as if the aliens are just nearby hiding around the corner of the planet.

> TERI MERI DOSTI KA AASMAAN - the underlying laidback beat, Shreya's mystic vocals and Himesh's out of the world croon WOOOW from start to 1.20 give a feel as if the listener is somewhere in the beautiful exotic resort in the Alps where there are lush green gardens with morning dew, snowy fields and refreshing blash of fresh air.

> BECAUSE I LOVE YOU from ANTHONY KAUN HAI - The oriental flute followed by whoosh wind sound effect from start to 0.09 gives a imaginary feel to the listener as if they are chilling at a luxurious beach resort of countries like Malaysia, Thailand n Bangkok in South East Asia (SEA) and the ocean breeze is flowing by.

> TERI MERIYAAN from KAJRAARE - Shreya's mystic croons and tune piece from  in between 2nd stanza gap take the listener to a serene place whereby waterfalls and gorges are flowing. Between 1st & 2nd stanza, the combo of groovy oriental harmonica tune and Shreya's vocals with a blast of fresh air (with emphasis on her mindblowing naughty vocals from 4.16 to 4.18) sends a chill pill and takes the listener down the memory lane of serene exotic locales during late sunset with a dark ambient feel.

> TUJHE DEKH KE ARMAAN JAAGE from KAJRAARE - In the music video Himesh's stanza lines, TU HI JAHAAN MERA TU HI AARZOO, MERE LAMHATON ME HAI from 1.52 to 2.02, whereby he walks by the pool side (with his shadow in it) with the ocean on his other opposite end, the overall mood, vibe and ambience is so serene, and the matching color of his shirt, pool and ocean that give an 'aqua' theme, the bright light in da sky in da backdrop as he walks from 1.58 to 2.00 gives an estatic imaginary feel as if da staircase of heaven will unfold beneath and will take da viewer to its doorstep, seedha jannat mein. In a nutshell, da audio visuals from 1.52 to 2.02 are an OUT OF DA WORLD experience that give a feel as if da viewer is at da doorstep of heaven i.e. a staircase of heaven will unfold beneath the bright light towards the right hand side in da backdrop. In the OST, Himesh's HISTORIC desperation plea stanza vocals along with guitar riffs, have a divine connekt. There is something 'out of the world' about this song which has a 'divine konnekt', because its stanzas take the listener through the journey of eternal love towards the doorsteps of heaven.

> CHURA LO and DIL SE JUDA EHSAAS from TAARZAN, NAZAR AA RAHA HAI from AITRAAZ - they take the listener down to the serene tropical beaches with pristine beauty.