Harshdeep Kaur has a deep husky voice and she has usually sung in lower / middle octave to compliment Himesh's high pitched vocals, and their contrast in pitch range and vocal texture (Himesh - thin sharp, Harshdeep - deep husky) makes a contrasting combo that works.

Harshdeep's best vocals for Himesh are towards the end of Afreen in Kajraare, which are jaan leva killer historic vocals.

Song Ranking of Himesh - Harshdeep combo (singing wise by Harshdeep):

1. Afreen from Kajraare.

2. Woh Lamha from Kajraare

3. Lut Jaun from Karzzzz

4. Dil Ne Yeh Na Jaana from Red - The Dark Side

5. Tu Hoor Pari from Khiladi 786