Himesh Reshammiya in his music room just like a lion in his den...and the musical notes that flow through have a divine intervention like...the nectar that flows through heaven...jaise ki amrit beh raha hai jannat mein. Yahi woh jannat hai jahan se soorila amrit behta hai...this is da heaven from where da musical nectar flows. Himesh Reshammiya ke music room mein swayam Maa Saraswati basi hui hain aur unki kripa hai.




Suhas Parab and Subhash Parab (brothers) are da musicians in Himesh's studio and they have been with him since ages. There are 2 brothers at HR Musik i.e. Suhas n Subhash n they have been with HR since the pre ABA era n work as arrangers in Rhythm section...i am certain that any top composers do not arrange their songs themselves, n do not come up with the beats...yes, they give a basic outline n a brief to their arrangers as to what kind of orchestration, instruments n beats they want for any particular track...n then ask the arrangers to search n come up with few short listed options from which the composer will eventually finalize...therefore, it is a collective effort n 'taal-mel' in between composer n his arrangers, whereby the arrangers also have a creative input, especially in the orchestration if not that much in the basic tune...having said that, Suhas n Subhas are terrific arrangers n they also have a big hand behind the magic of HR's compositions and have some contribution in the overall 'typical unique HR melody' effect...once HR said that in the case of Balma, that catchy tune in mukhda came up first, n then they cracked the song...even in Jhalak Dikhlaja, the stanza was devised first...n then the they cracked the mukhda of the song...so at times, it is a collective creative effort n that's why even in the CD cover of his debut private album AKS, the credits read as "me and my team" with list of all the HR Musik creative team.


Sanju Baba in Himesh's music room.



Ajay Devgn at HR Musik


Abhishek Bachchan at HR Musik for recording of Bol Bachchan title trax


Mika at HR Musik for song recording of Khiladi 786


Mohit Chauhan at HR Musik for recording of Jab Se Dekhi Hai with sound engineer Salman


Akshay Kumar at HR Musik


Ajay Devgn at HR Musik




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