Sudhakar Sharma

Himesh worked with a lyricist called Sudhakar Sharma in his early days since his debut till around 2002, after which they both parted their own ways due to ego differences.



That is when Sameerji came into da fray and even since the grand musical success of Tere Naam, he has formed an unformidable jodi with Himesh till date.

Sameerji had said in an interview that he had given his best works for Himesh Reshammiya songs. Himesh on da other hand has inspired Sameerji to adapt / change with times n trends by re-inventng his lyrics in order to cater to da youth segment's changing tastes.

His strengths:

> He gives SIMPLE lyrics that RHYME, due to which there is uncomplicated smooth flow of words that fit nicely into Himesh's actual tunes, and which work for the average common listeners as they can easily comprehend, associate with and relate to the lyrics.

> He is good at delivering one liners phases that are ideal for repetitive catchy hooks in Himesh's music.

> He has great vocabulary of URDU language thus helping Himesh's cause in his Sufi Rwak numbers.

His weaknesses:

> His lyrics get repetitive, predictable and deja-vu at times.


Other lyricists

Himesh is known to also gel well and develop good rapport in terms of wavelength with any new lyricists that he has worked with, as evidenced in albums like Ahista Ahista (Irshad Kamil), Namastey London (Javed Akthar) & Radio (Subrat Sinha). He is also working with Shabbir Ahmed post Bodyguard album.

Generally speaking, Himesh-Sameer combo has been the best and longest sustained over time but at the same time one cannot ignore the lyrics in Main Jahaan Rahu, a song which is Himesh's pechaan of respect in the last decade, remove these lyrics and the impact of song will be reduced by more than half, and its lyrics were penned by Javed Akthar, lyrics of Ahisha Ahisha by Irshad Kamil were great. Shabbir Ahmed, Subrat Sinha and Manoj Muntashir were 'so so' okay sokay mixed bag and decently good at times. One of main USP of Sameer is that his lyrics flow seamlessly in Himesh's songs.