Soothing female background chorus with their prolonged melodious croons UUUUU were one of the 3 key pre ABA elements (along with Jayesh Gandhi n Alka Yagnik) and a household name in that era.

Whilst Himesh has made use of this trademark trait umpteen times in pre ABA songs, he has made use of specific OFF-DA-HOOK FULLTU HIGH-PITCHED background chorus that suddenly come to da party (in terms of having a similar pattern of joining into the song as specific portions), make their melodious presence felt in the overall context of the song and bowl / win over da listener:

> From 3.02 to 3.10 & 4.22 to 4.30 in LUTF DE GAYI from ISHQ HAI TUMSE.

> From 3.32 to 3.37 & 5.22 to 5.26 in RAAT HAI SOYI SOYI from MAIN AISA HI HOON.

> From 3.02 to 3.06 & 4.34 to 4.46 in ZINDAGI ZINDAGI from AABRA KA DAABRA.

> From 4.43 to end in KI KARA MEIN KI KARA from NIGEHBAAN - THE 3RD EYE.

> From 5.11 to 5.14 in MERI AANKHON MEIN from YAKEEN.

> From 0.57 to 0.59 & 1.28 to 1.30, 3.13 to 3.15 & 4.57 to 4.59 in DIL MERA TODO NA from MAIN AISA HI HOON.