At times, depending upon da situational backdrop of the theme into question, Himesh draws inference from his past works, in terms of certain elements.

This doesn't mean that the song is ditto or anything, but the version 2 has a certain 'flow over / spill over / extension' effect of Version 1.

I Need My Space and Rocky Rock The World

I NEED MY SPACE is just like ROCKY ROCK THE WORLD - VERSION 2 in terms of arrogant feel singing, rebellious lyrics, underlying rhythmic orchestration and funky guitar.

Both are full on ROCK numbers, and showcase the bindaasgiri and rebellious nature of da protagonists who are celebrating their freedom as depicted in their music videos.

Mango and Rafa Dafa

MANGO is just like RAFA DAFA (RADIO) - VERSION 2 in terms of underlying rhythmic beat that spins in an off-da-hook repetitive loop and off-da-hook catchy guitar riffs.

Both songs are picturized at an uptown urban classy party setting.

Aashiquana Hai Dil and Ek Tum Hi

EK TUM HI (RED) is just like AASHIQUANA HAI DIL (AAP KA SUROOR) - VERSION 2 in terms of similar instrumental theme piece pattern that plays intermittently throughout, underlying rhythmic orchestration and fulltu high pitched singing. Both songs are charged up and depict the state of the enraged lovers who are rather demanding their love then simply requesting / begging for it.

Junoon and Aarzoo

AARZOO (MR FRAUD) is just like JUNOON (ROCKY) - VERSION 2 in terms of prolonged twists n turns of da core repetitive mukhda tag line hooks JUNOON JUNOON JUNOOOOOOON, AARZOO AARZOO AARZOOOOOOO and rwakin rhythmic orchestration. The female singer Amrita Kak is also a commonality in both songs and sings with the same mode / style.

Both should be called Rwakin Junoon and Rwakin Aarzoo, rather than just Junoon and Aarzoo.

Go Go Govinda & Jaave Saari Duniya

Mast kickass tapori ishtyled beat, the use of peppy Shehnayi theme piece and tune at start of both stanzas.

Others (not a 2nd version, but having some specific commonalities)

> Kola Laka Vellari and Ahista Ahista Title Trax

Well, there is no spill over effect in this one, but underlying synthetic Sufi Rwak beat gives halke se kick, along with intermittent heavy beat effects, and Himesh sings in lower bazz octave at da start of both songs.

> Taaza Taaza - Kya Dil Ne Kaha (2002), Boys Are Best - Chura Liya Hai Tumne (2003), Gustakh Dil - Dil Maange More (2004), Oh Jaana Tenu Rab Da - Kucch Meetha Ho Jaaye (2005), Koi Aap Jaisa - Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi (2005)

All are based on prom night setting and their music arrangement is similar in terms of underlying beats, intermittent fast drum roll beats and intermittent haunt feel piano keys.

> Tere Naam Title Trax and Dil Mera Todo Na (Main Aisa Hi Hoon) - there is some left over melody of Tere Naam Title Trax in Dil Mera Todo Na in bits and parts.

> Ek Kalsa & Ishw Gangster - the startng bazz sound and the gangster theme.