About Me

My real name is Vivek Datta but I would like to be called, known and remembered as diehardHRfanatic (or diehard in short) as I am very passionate about it and have tried to earn / build my reputation around this brandname avatar from scratch since / over all these years.

I have been following Himesh Reshammiya's music very closely since his debut.

I began by writing music reviews on various Himesh related blogs and sites across the net since 2005 onwards.

Even before I started writing reviews, I always felt that I knew hell lot about himesh's sound as the words used to flow smoothly to describe any random "bits n piece" parts n portions of his songs in my initial attempts as if a complicated jigsaw puzzle would just easily get solved to form a clear picture without much fuss.

Therefore, I decided to take it to the next level in an attempt to pour out all my knowledge whatever I had on his music but I don't think I can do such stuff for any other musician (apart from himesh). Well perhaps may be, but no way near to match this stuff.

I have written detailed reviews of over 500 himesh songs in considerable short period / span of time, and I feel that whatever I have already done is a "once in my lifetime effort which I can never ever repeat again".

However, it is my inner belief that I still know way way more than what is currently / presently on this site and so I keep on continually improving it over time to take it to the desired benchmark level according to my pre-determined satisfaction standards set in my mind, and also add new ones for himesh's future albums.

If anybody wondered and asked outta sheer curiosity as to how could I know this much about his sound, then I would probably offer an explanation that it may be due to the "number of times I have heard his songs in repeat mode" to the extent that "his sound has been completely encoded in my memory chip".

About This Site

This site went live on 5th April 2010.

There are 3 key objectives of this site:

1. To display maximum knowledge and understanding of Himesh Reshammiya's sound in order to appreciate his trademark signature stamp, something that is referred to as typical unique HR melody.

2. To pinpoint and highlight those elements in Himesh Reshammiya's music that should never ever be missed and rather should be max enjoyed as a Himesh fan.

3. It contains a well oranized music calalogue with sequential list of all Himesh albums since his debut till date, with each album having complete tracklist, youtube song videos and playlists thus facilitating himesh fans to follow and keep track of any music review analysis of their choice / liking as they read it.

Hence this is your one-stop site that would ensure that no himesh fan has missed any himesh album / song info, and it would also be particularly useful to those international fans that Himesh will acquire after the release of A * Is Killed and @ Da Edge across 122 countries who would want to hear, learn and know more about his music.

Thank you for taking out your precious invaluable time out for reading any of my music review analysis with the hope that it would be of some / any use whatsoever!

My Himesh Reshammiya Music Review Community in Orkut: http://www.orkut.com/Main#Community?cmm=92937726

N.B - All the embedded media content in this site belongs to and is respective property of their owners who uploaded / hosted it in their servers to begin with. I don't own or haven't created any content but rather have just searched for and embedded it for critique / educational purposes in capacity of a music reviewer (as the specific site URL himeshreshammiya-reviews suggests) and I am not making any money / profit out of this or deriving a commercial motive in doing so. In short, any copyright infringement is not intended whatsoever and no media content is originally uploaded or hosted on this site.

Please read the review analysis of your choice along with the actual song, please do not read it on its own.

All my intellectual capital in this site may not be reproduced without my consent.