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Aap Se Mausiiqui is Himesh's second album after Aap Ka Suroor (2006).

10 songs with 10 music videos all composed and sung by Himesh. Lyrics by Manoj Muntashir.


My Opinion

The album looks to be shot at a lavish scale and on a grand canvas, with aesthetic locations and it seems that  there will be great story telling alongside beautiful new female faces in each video.

Although Sameer will be missed but pairing up with Manoj will give a new dynamic to the album.  Manoj is shaping up to be a great lyricist with the body of work he has been doing, and he is capable of writing songs like Sooraj Dooba Hai from Roy.

This album is going to be a treat and delight for his fans, considering that he had started singing selectively.

Even from neutral audience viewpoint, as far as Himesh - the actor is concerned, this album has a perfect timing because it is not a movie so people will not criticize Himesh's acting, but if there is great storytelling in the videos, this gives Himesh to make presence on screen and hone his acting skills in any particular way he likes as he has the creative freedom with this project. So, people will also enjoy the songs and watch Himesh on screen but they would not critique his acting in the videos as they would do in a movie, and this is great for Himesh as he will make his presence felt as an actor in these videos and also showcase more of his variations in acting, facial expressions etc. This would help Himesh's forthcoming projects as an actor also.

As far as creative liberty, Aap Ka Suroor even had certain songs from no. 3 onwards that were experimental in nature and could not necessarily find their place in mainstream films due to demands of a bound script. But now this second album gives him a chance to showcase and release more diverse songs in his arsenal that perhaps would have not seen the light of day, due to unsuilability of concept. This will showcase more versatility of Himesh - the composer as far as diverse range of compositions are concerned.

Release Date

Release of  first single is being planned on Bigg Boss in first week of November.