God has bestowed upon me the talent of playing any song without any chords n tutorials...so as i am working on my own music, i decided to record an instrumental version of O JAANA LOVE U MISS U from ROCKY - THE REBEL

The tune of this song is historic n very catchy...n this song is very close to my heart. Hence, it deserves more promotion.

I will not be making more instrumentals (well, may be if i get requests of specific HR songs, then I may consider in the future)...I just wanted to re-test my keyboard playing skills.

High Quality WMA (Windows Media Audio) file download of this instrumental version:

the high quality WMA (Windows Media Audio) file can be downloaded from my HR group on facebook called HRFZ and the link is:


My original full name is Vivek Datta, and my name as a HR fan is diehardHRfanatic

However, i have 2 versions / avatars under the name diehardHRfanatic i.e.

diehard 1.0 = music reviewer (HR music review specialist)

diehard 2.0 = musician (composer n singer)

As a composer n singer to the rest of the world, I will be known as Vivek Datta...but to those HR fans who already know me as diehardHRfanatic, as a composer n singer I will be known as diehard 2.0