> He is the first music director to introduce electronic instruments in India, most notably the Synthesizer.

> He is a genuine human being / thorough gentleman whose personality and aura is full of dignity, humility and thehrav.

> He is Himesh Reshammiya's dad.

> He sacrificed his own musical career for the sake of his son's career.

Vipinji was awarded the prestigious 40th Dadasaheb Phalke award on 4th May 2009 for extraordinary contribution to music industry.


In the below video, Kailash Kher says from "aur papa koh hume saump dete hain, toh phir papa nichorte hain ache se nimbu, aajao beta from 8.35 to 8.39...and Himesh goes on to add and emphasis that, Jitna sangeet aap mera sun rahe na yeh joh poore 500 hit gaane joh maine diye aur aane wale 500 joh hit dunga, woh Himesh Reshammiya ka naam hai Vipin Reshammiya ki kalah hai unka sangeet hai, unka diya wa guru gyaan hai aur woh hi hain...woh sirf meri shakal dikh rahi hai aap logon ko, sangeet unka hai yeh baat yaad rakhiye ga, my dad is my god" from 8.50 to 9.10

Being a true worshipping son that he is, himesh intends to relaunch his dad Shree Vipin Reshammiyaji with his ace composition Bhaut Zyada Pyar Tumse Karte Hain in his yet to be released forthcoming film Mudh Mudh Ke Na Dekh Mudh Mudh Ke.

He sang it live in Saregamapa challenge (with a mix of both his old Sufi Rwak and new Radio voice) to honor his dad by promising to re-launch him as an emotional gesture for the sacrifice he did for sake of his son and his career.

Vipinji Reshammiya showcasing his DJ skills and spinnin it in Nigeria concert


Himesh has also credited his dad as his inspiration and quoted that 'I am the reflection of my father'.

He says that he has inherited this talent from his father. Vipinji Reshammiya was the first person to introduce the synthesiser to the Indian film music. Having worked with several legendary musicians like RD Burman and Laxmikant - Pyarelal, he never got the limelight he deserved. And Himesh is not happy with the fact. He said, " My dad has not received many awards which he deserved. But he did receive the Dadasaheb Phalke Award which is indeed a big thing. But now he has taken a backseat as he wants me to be at the top. Actually his name has not been highlighted as much as mine. But I must say that my work is reflection of my father, I have learnt everything from him. One can say that it is his work but my name."

He re-iterates this fact in the above video from 3.06 to 3.53, whereby he says that he learnt everything in music in terms of technicalities from his dad who saw and spotted the god gifted talent in Himesh and he took it forward. His dad used to listen and critique his songs in terms making corrections and telling which one is better and taught him the overall graph of the song.

Please See: If you are an emotional himesh fan then please do not view these videos (or exercise caution, especially the MKMM ones) as Himesh bhai ke aankhon me aansu dekh kar tumhe bhi rona aajaye, and it requires a very strong heart for HR fans to watch this. Himesh has also said that this is the very reason that he doesn't call his dad in reality shows, except where a true tribute is duly on the cards. 

But the fact remains that, Himesh has always got senti whenever his father's name has cropped up in musical reality shows and his emotions tell da story by depicting the extent to which he loves, respects and worships his parents and has a whole lot of gratitude for them for what they have done for him. Aur yeh ek ache insan ki pehchaan hoti hai. It also shows the values and emotions Himesh has for his family and that they mean the world to him. 

Now for some happy moments:

Vipin ji having a blast of a good time and enjoying himself at a live event. Vipin ji koh aise jhoomte hue dekh, dil garden garden ho gaya.

Himesh has always credited his father and maintained that he has been the backbone pillar of his success.

So here is an unsung musical legend who passed on his musical traits and skills to another legend.

All himesh fans owe karzzzz to Himesh's parents for giving this industry its biggest musical asset.

Jai mata di, jai hindustan!


Vipin ji with his son Himesh, in his early debut days as a composer