Those who follow my reviews will find the following rating terms and jargons useful as they are my inventions due to which my reviews are unique and can be related with as they appear countless times in my reviews:

My invented terms:

To name the key ones...Sufi Rwak, typical unique HR melody, off-da-hook fulltu high pitch, pre ABA, post ABA, HR 2.0, HRR, emotional konnekt, prolonged twists-n-turns, new age Himesh, ustad Himesh Reshammiya and many more.

My catch phrase for Himesh - the singer is 'joh awaaz dil se nikal ke rooh koh chu jaaye, woh awaaz Himesh Reshammiya ki hai...he is da man with a golden evergreen voice'.

This is my grading scale in terms of ranking to judge the level of particular compositional notes / lines / vocals / orchestration:

scale. my grading term - actual meaning:

1. History - all tyme klassik whereby Himesh is very near or at his ultimate best / peak i.e. near 100% benchmark potential.

2. Off-da-hook - usually cult, super kool stuff, trendy, wicked.

3. Terrific - high standard.

4. Awesome - above average.

5. Great / good cause - average / okay sokay.

I use them very carefully in the sense when I use them, I mean them for real i.e. if a particular song portion was okay sokay type, I won't use history for each n every thing...if I use history, means in my view that particular part is truly outstanding n all tyme klassik in overall context of his 500+ songs. When I use off-da-hook e.g. the beat effect is off-da-hook, i mean to say in other words that the beat effect is cult, super cool, trendy or wicked.

I developed this rating scale terms after I heard Himesh say in SAREGAMAPA...superb, outstanding, fantastic, mind blowing, history [in level of ascendency] and so I came up with my own version of grading scale on this basis.

HR 2.0 / HRR

HR 2.0 (Himesh Reshammiya Upgrade) or HRR (Himesh Reshammiya Reloaded), this is my jargon for the new age Himesh in his 2nd innings with the sense, that he took a sabbatical for 1.5 years and came up with 300+ fresh new compositions thus upgrading/reloading his song bank. So I will be using this term in future reviews as it helps to better categorize his music in era's for comparison purposes, since I am da one who had initially come up with the terms pre ABA n post ABA as reflected umpteen times in my past reviews.

After reviewing 500+ songs, I have a benchmark line for HR melody i.e. that line can be something like the level of water in a glass...or a horizontal line on a graph...when any new Himesh songs are released...i use that line in my mind to determine the level of melody i.e. some melody notes will pass above that line and some melody notes will fall below it n thats how I will finally rate that particular song n/or base a final verdict for that album.

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